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State Of The BradyGirl_12 ;)

Hi, luvs! You know me, pretty quick with replies to comments and comments on other people's work? Quick with updating Challenges?

Well, things may be slower for awhile. Not only is it hit-or-miss with posting (LJ!) but with the House Project and my manuscript edits DUE IN TWO WEEKS (Yikes!) I might not be as quick as a bunny for the time being. You should see the kajillion lists I have for everything!

So don't worry, fannish stuff will get done, but maybe not as fast as you're used to seeing by me. I guess it's a good thing dark_fest doesn't seem to be viable this year. Anyone know anything? I PM'ed the mods a few weeks ago but haven't heard from them. Oh, well, if it's not on, that spares me a lot of time that I need to use for other things, disappointing as it may be.

See ya later! ;)
Tags: bradygirl_12 is craaazeee!!!, challenge, dark_fest, fest, house project, profic, rl, writing
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