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So, When Does The Bizarro Clex Begin To Be Posted? ;)

Smallville (Season 7) (Episode 1) (September 27, 2007)

I’m probably going to be in the minority with the things I liked about this episode, but so be it!  I’ve always been the square peg in the round hole, so I’ll survive. 


As a Clex fan, Smallville will never hold the same charm for me, but it still captivates me with the mythos and the evolution of the characters.  A lot of people don’t like this show but I do.  The sad part of Clex for me in canon now is the missed opportunities that have brought them to this point, as they could have been the hottest power couple around!  ;)  Yeah, I know canon dictates they become enemies, yadda, yadda, yadda.  J


Having said all this, I enjoyed the Clex elements in this story.  I liked Bizarro Clark visiting Lex in jail and hinting pretty strongly at Lex’s desire to have Clark by his side! J  I like how Lex knew right away that it was the Phantom and not Clark who had just killed his aide (not that it was a stretch, mind you, but still nice to see).  I like Lex bringing Bizarro Clark to the stash of Green K but he still wasn’t eager to help Bizarro destroy Clark.


And was it me, or was the sexual chemistry between Lex and Bizarro Clark off the charts? ;)


Lex has an angel now (He must have read some Golden Age Wonder Woman comics with Diana’s rescue of Steve, heh heh)!  A lot of people dislike the addition of what appears to be a Supergirl character but I like her.  I was a fan of the Silver Age Supergirl and if they can bring that character close to her, I’m okay with that.  Good for Clark to learn more about his heritage.


Clark’s pondering over his destiny was a good scene.  He realizes that he finally must embrace it, and that he’s also going to be around for a very long time after everyone he loves is gone.  The sun’s healing power and the strength it gives him to defeat Bizarro gives him the knowledge (and perhaps the resolve?) to start thinking about a career beyond Smallville.  Of course that’s hamstrung by the producers’ insistence that he’ll never don the tights, but maybe we can finally see some progress on that front.


I really, really loved the scene in which the sun powers Clark.  J


I am very glad that Chloe is back amongst the living, though her denial of her power is going to cause trouble down the line.  And I was happy to see the actor who plays Jimmy in the opening credits.  I like his character and I like his chemistry with Chloe. 


A lot of people dislike Lois.  I like her, and she was strong and forgiving in this episode.  Good girl.


Lana?  Looks like she is happy to have Lex go to prison for a crime he didn’t commit.  I suppose she thinks it’s the only way to get away from him, but how will the people who care for her react to her faked death?


Lionel?  Who’s got him?      


Damn you, Michael Rosenbaum!  I wish I could hate Lex but you keep giving him humanity, such as his belief in redemption and not wanting to destroy Clark.  And he looks to have really cared for Lana, too.


It was a pretty cool scene when Clark rescued the father and son when the dam broke.  I like to see him really using those superpowers!


Chloe, I agree with you: Clark needs to step up that flying power!


All in all I was pretty satisfied with the premiere.  It was a lot of emo, fast action, enhancement of the mythos, and even some Clex sprinkled in there. ;)

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