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Week 16: New England Patriots 23, Jacksonville Jaguars 16 (11-4) (Sunday, December 23, 2012)

Week 16: New England Patriots 23, Jacksonville Jaguars 16 (11-4) (Sunday, December 23, 2012)

Yikes! Well, this is what's called an ugly win in the NFL. The Patriots were awful, unable to get their offense going at all in the first quarter and it sputtered again in the second half, but they managed to put up 23 points for the win against a team that has a grand total of 2 wins all season. Aqib Talib must be the team MVP. When he's out, the secondary goes back to being crap again.

Danny Woodhead had a great game and scored a touchdown and Wes Welker had a very good game and a TD. Tom had two interceptions, but the first one was the fault of butterfingers Stevan Ridley and the second one was on Tom. He was royally ticked off in his press conference. You're supposed to be playing your best football of the year in December, not hanging on by your fingernails to beat the woeful Jaguars!

But the Patriots have a chance at the first or second seed now due to other teams' results today. *laughs* Welcome to the NFL!

I don't know the scores of the other division teams but who cares? They can't take the division crown away from the Pats. ;)

Next week: Miami at home. They have to win that game if they want the chance of a better playoff seed.

Merry Christmas, everyone! :)
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