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Happy Birthdays & Thank You!

Hi, luvs! Very bizzy today! I went with my sister to see Hitchcock and shopping after. We loved the movie! Very classy and well done. Helen Mirren and Anthony Hopkins are outstanding as Alma, Hitch's wife, and the Great Man himself. The movie starts in 1959 and Hitch looking for his next project and he finds it: Psycho! :) Our own Black Widow, Scarlett Johannson, plays Janet Leigh and looks amazing. She's rather pretty as a blond. :)

Thanks to ctbn60 for my wonderfully adorable Christmas snowman! *hugs*

And, a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to ava_jamison and jeannev! Have FANTASTIC days, ladies! :)
Tags: birthday, black widow, family, lj, love, movies, natasha romanoff, thank you
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