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Week 15, San Francisco 49ers 41, New England Patriots 34 (10-4) (Sunday, December 17, 2012)

Week 15, San Francisco 49ers 41, New England Patriots 34 (10-4) (Sunday, December 17, 2012)

Well, that was nice. A comeback that could have been historic and the Patriots blow it. Now they are the third seed and will have no bye and will have to go on the road to Houston or Denver. The road to the Super Bowl just got a lot harder.

Tommy had his share of mistakes, throwing two picks and the turnovers were an epidemic. The rain was making it hard to hold onto the ball as the 49ers couldn’t keep it all the time, either.

The Patriots were mistake machines for the first half and the score was 17-3 when the teams went into the locker rooms. They came out flat to start the second half and finally woke up late in the third quarter, scoring three touchdowns on three straight possessions to tie up the game and a historic comeback was looming on the horizon. Unfortunately the 49ers made a huge kick-off return and then scored easily. The Pats did score another field goal but in the end came up short.

What a waste of a great effort after a dismal performance for most of the game! I’m thrilled with the effort but disgusted that the team couldn’t close the deal. I’m sick of them teasing us and not sealing the deal. It’s cost them big-time in the playoff situation as I wrote above. Shakes head. A real pity. Tom was incredible, running for another first down and scoring another touchdown this week. The Patriots aren’t supposed to lose at home in December. A game of rollercoaster emotions and an ultimate disappointment.

The Pats are now 10-4 behind Houston and Denver in the playoff hunt and the Bills lost big and are now 6-8 while Miami won and are 6-8. The Jets play tonight on Monday Night Football.

Next week: the Patriots travel to Jacksonville to play the sorry Jaguars.

Special note: the Patriots wore a special decal honoring the victims of the Newtown massacre on their helmets and set off 26 flares before the game, one for each victim. It was a low-key but well-done ceremony.

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