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Week 14: New England Patriots 42, Houston Texans 14 (10-3) (Monday, December 10, 2012)

Week 14: New England Patriots 42, Houston Texans 14 (10-3) (Monday, December 10, 2012)

It was a rout! The Houston Texans came up to Foxboro intending to measure themselves against the Patriots. Well, they measured and were found wanting. ;)

The Patriots were nearly unstoppable in their first three drives, Tom throwing touchdown passes (his 45th straight game, zeroing in on the record) on each possession. The next four possessions were three-and-outs but that was due to lack of execution and the Texans’ defense making some plays, but for the most part, the Patriots dominated on both sides of the ball.

Tom got a little beat up but was only sacked once, and J.J. Watt had no batted passes or passes defensed. The offensive line did a great job keeping Watt and the other Texan linemen pretty much out of Tom’s pretty hair. ;)

BTW, Tom and Giselle had a baby girl last Wednesday: Vivian Lake. The name Vivian is my grandmother’s first name and my mother’s middle name. Nice choice, guys! And Tom only missed morning meetings on Thursday. ;)

Chants of “MVP!” were heard around the stadium in the second half. Tom makes it looks so easy. He was all fired up when he made a rare run and got a first down. The crowd loved it. Big Vince was once again huge (pun intended, heh heh) as he dominated on defense. That is one powerful man. For all the talk of J.J. Watt and his batting down passes, it was Vince doing the batting last night.

Does this mean the Texans couldn’t beat the Pats in the playoffs? Nah, playoffs are a whole different ballgame, but they didn’t look prepared at all last night for what their top wide receiver Andre Johnson called ‘the biggest game in franchise history’. It’s bound to be in their heads, and now the Patriots have the chance to grab the No. 1 seed away from Houston if the Texans lose to the Colts and don’t run the table.

Crazy stuff last night as J.J. Watt punched the ball out of Danny Woodhead’s arms and the ball went flying where Brandon Lloyd was standing, and Lloyd caught in the endzone for a touchdown. So that tells you hard work and luck were on the Pats’ side last night!

The Patriots are now 10-3 and looking for the No. 1 or 2 seeds in the playoffs. The Jets won and are 6-7, the Bills lost and are 6-7, and the Dolphins lost and are 5-8. Men among boys, eh? ;)

Next week the Patriots meet the San Francisco Forty-Niners in Foxboro on Sunday Night Football. The Texans had been excited to measure themselves against the Patriots, and now the Forty-Niners are excited to do the same, or otherwise or saying, “Oh, crap!” when they saw that display of power last night. ;)

Did Tommy look cute in his little Patriots hat last night or what? ;)

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