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Week 12: New England Patriots 49, New York Jets 19 (8-3) (Thursday, November 22, 2012)

Week 12: New England Patriots 49, New York Jets 19 (8-3) (Thursday, November 22, 2012)

I didn't post this right away because I'm still laughing. ;)

*cue the Three Stooges music*

Okay, it was records, folks. The Pats scoring 3 touchdowns in 52 seconds is an NFL record as 35 points in one quarter is a franchise record. Mark Sanchez slipping on that banana peel and going face-first into the backside of his offensive lineman and fumbling the ball to be scooped up by Steve Gregory and brought to the house was fantastic. Same for the fumble on special teams that Julian Edelman caught on the fly and ran into the endzone, and Wes Welker all alone and waving to Tom to throw him the ball and Tom rushing for a touchdown himself. Julian and Shane Vereen got TDs and the Jets couldn't get out of their own way, turning the ball over five times. The Pats have scored 108 points in just two games, another record.

Things got ugly at MetLife Stadium. Fireman Ed got up and walked out at halftime. Heh, heh.

Such a wonderful way to cap off Thanksgiving! Giving a beatdown to the Jets is always a joy. :)

Big Vince Wilfork showed incredible strength as he pushed the lineman into Sanchez. Big Vince sure enjoyed his turkey that he, Steve Gregory, and Tom got to enjoy after the game as they were awarded the Players Of The Game.

Pats are at 8-3 and Jets at 4-7. Bills and Dolphins still have to play this week but pose no threat at 5-5 and 4-6.

*wanders off laughing*
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