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Reviews: Vegas, Chicago Fire, The Big Bang Theory, Hawaii Five-0, Partners

Missed Arrow last week because I couldn't get the signal. Grr!! So no review.

Vegas was very good with the mob war. All the new shows I've watched this season have had meh pilots but improved in later weeks. See, Hollywood, that's why you need to give shows a chance! Good Chicago Fire set on Halloween. The Big Bang Theory always does a great job with their Halloween episodes. Smart guys are sexy! ;)

I did see the delayed broadcast of Hawaii Five-0's Halloween episode last night. Very creepy, same old Hollywood depiction of those who use the pentagram as satanists, though they threw in a token Wiccan to try and explain things. The Granny twist was good. The best part was Steve and Danny cuddling up on the couch with Steve's arm around Danny's shoulders and Danny's head on his shoulder while eating popcorn and watching a movie with Grace and Steve's 'girlfriend'. ;)

Well, Partners did improve themselves with some cute scenes last night. In the opening scene, Louis had bought some black-rimmed glasses and put them on Wyatt, who called him Lois! In his Superman voice! ;) Very cute. And Louis called his lover his ‘big gay superhero’.

Also, Ally was in the habit of kissing Wyatt as thanks rendered for helping her by building bookcases and fixing the heating in her shop. Naturally Joe was taken aback as even he, Mr. Straight, gets a tingle from looking at Wyatt, especially in a sleeveless tee and all hot ‘n’ sweaty. ;)

Not that I expect this series to last past Thanksgiving, but there was some nice character development this week. Louis actually referred to Wyatt as someone desirable instead of just being an afterthought, and Joe quit his architectural firm when offered a big contract a few years ago because they were going to fire Louis. They started their own business instead, and Louis found it out now. He also decided because of Joe’s sacrifice that he would ask his brother for a job since their firm had no assignments. This is the same brother who told him to go back in the closet when he came out, but Joe stopped him.

(Man, did Brandon Routh rock the sexy last night! ;) )

So, a better episode than what we’ve seen in the first few weeks.

I heard that Arrow is on at 8:00 tonight. I'm going out to the movies so will have to tape it if the signal's strong.

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