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2012 Halloween Challenge Update!!! (11/1/12)

I hope everyone had a Happy Halloween! There are still some treats in the plastic pumpkin for the 2012 DCU Fic/Art Halloween Challenge, posted late last night. Enjoy lunatic_lullaby's Helena Kyle tale that will delight your hero-lovin' heart, and rileyc's chilling Smallville tale and a heartbreaking story set in Crime Alley. Sample the tasties! :)

BradyGirl_12 DCU Challenges A03 Collection

Subcollection (2012)

2012 DCU Fic/Art Halloween Challenge Master List

This was written for bradygirl_12's Halloween Challenge, dcu_freeforall's Autumn Challenge and the prompt 'Beginnings' for the challenge community 100_women. I remain very attached to Selena's daughter Helena and have imagined a rather heroine-rich future for her to grow up in. The fic stands on the idea that Helena's super-exposure to the Cat, the Bat and Robin as a baby (she actually said "Baa-mun" when he was holding her for crying out loud) would have contributed to a child who grew up as a hero enthusiast, feeling a comforting connection to them even if she couldn't remember the source of those feelings.

Title: Tonight, Eventually
Author: lunatic_lullaby
Characters/Pairings: Helena Kyle, mention of Carrie Kelley, original characters
Rating: PG
Warnings: suggestion of adoption issues, bullying
Disclaimer: I don't own any DC Comics characters, at all.
Word Count: 3,608
Prompts Used: Trick-or-Treating, Capes, Candy, Black Cat, Bats, Costumes, Beginnings
Summary: You can't take a baby to the Batcave and not expect them to one day hit the streets in a homemade costume and fight crime.

Title: Strange Eons
Author: rileyc
Fandom: Smallvile; Cthulhu Mythos
Wordcount: 500
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Chloe Sullivan, Clark Kent, Lex Luthor, Lionel Luthor
Genre: Horror
Warning(s): None
Prompt(s): comicdrabbles Challenge #016 - "Library." Also: Books on Halloween and/or magic (ancient or modern). Book Of Shadows & A dark and stormy night, from bradygirl_12's DCU Halloween Challenge.
Disclaimer: Warner Bros., etc. own "Smallvile." H.P. Lovecraft created the Cthulhu Mythos. I'm just playing in the not-for-profit sandbox.
Summary: Cthulhu comes to Kansas...

Title: Incident in Crime Alley
Author: rileyc
Fandom: Batman
Wordcount: 963
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Batman
Genre: Paranormal
Warning(s): None
Notes: For bradygirl_12's DCU Halloween Challenge.. Prompts used: Ghosts/Spirits, Mists/Fog, and Twilight Zone. Also for dcu_freeforall DCU Autumn Free For All; prompts used: Haunted, Autumn Leaves, Moonlight.
Disclaimer: DC and Warner Bros. owns it all; I just play in the not for profit sandbox.
Summary: All Hallow's Eve is the time when the veils between this world and the next are at their thinnest. Batman experiences some of what that means...
Tags: 2012 dcu fic/art halloween challenge, autumn, challenge, halloween, holiday, master list, pagan
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