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All Is Well!

Hi, luvs! Well, my family and I survived Hurricane Sandy. Just some branches down but nothing major, thank the Goddess. We really dodged a bullet compared to New York, New Jersey, West Virginia, Connecticut, Rhode Island, etc. We didn't get snow like West Virginia but did get high winds, which made me nervous. No flooding here, but I saw that Manhattan was nearly swept away!

I couldn't help but think when I saw that crane in New York City dangling that it would have been a job for Superman! Times like these it would be nice to have our fictional heroes around in real life, eh?

I hope all is well with you guys! Time to check in on our flists (while we can still read them).

Halloween should go off without a hitch here. As a kid, I'd be terribly disappointed at two disrupted Halloweens in a row.
Tags: autumn, clark kent, halloween, holiday, pagan, rl, superman
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