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2012 LJ Sixth Anniversary Fic Request Meme

Another year has come around and it’s been six years since I created this journal. Wow, six years! Time flies and all that. ;)

Come help me celebrate! :)

Pairings/Prompts: Please request only one, two, or three-word prompts with your request. I’m going to try ad keep these drabble-length (Famous last words!). One request per person.

As for pairings/threesomes, please request only those I have already written. You can find them in the links on the sidebar, but if you have any questions, just comment in this entry.

Note: for Clark/Bruce fans, unless you specify what ‘verse, I’ll let my Muses take me where they want to go. Otherwise, just specify Comicsverse or Nolanverse Bruce and Smallville or Superman Returns Clark.

For Marvel requests, I’ve written Steve/Tony as Comicsverse and Movieverse. I’ve also written Movieverse Natasha/Pepper and Clint/Coulson, so if you want fics starring either of those couples, they’ll be in that ‘verse. :)

The fills may take awhile due to RL, profic, and other reasons, but I have never let a request go unfilled! :)

Have fun! :)

Tags: anniversary, fanfic, fic prompt, fic request, lj, lj sixth anniversary fic request meme, meme, writing
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