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Thoughts on Today's LSH and The Batman (September 22, 2007)

Legion Of Super Heroes, The Batman (Episode 1) (September 22, 2007)

Okay, comments on the two new super-cartoons of the day:

The Legion of Super Heroes made me smile with Brainy’s continued crush on Superboy (sorry, I just can’t call the Clark we saw last season Superman yet). J  I’m going to guess this was perhaps at least a few years after Clark’s first visit as everyone had a different look to them but didn’t give any reason for it.  Time passing would be reason enough.


The Superboy of the 41st Century made me sad.  All he knows is fighting because of the grim future he lives in!  And that grimness kind of depressed me.  I liked the first season’s blend of danger, adventure, and lightheartedness.  This season, unless they defeat the main villain in the next episode, looks to be a dark year indeed. 

The loss of one of Triplicate Girl's personas was sad. I remember years ago when one of her selves was lost she became Duo Damsel. 


I did see hints of the future Superboy show some ‘heart’, but he’s pretty much just a fighting machine right now.  His eyes are cool, but I still love my blue-eyed Clark.  Keep the green-eyed Clark in the Smallville TV show!  J


The Batman was much better!  I loved seeing Lois and Jimmy and Clark.  And poor Superman!  They sure beat him up in this episode.  Of course you know I love how Dick did fanboy at Superman’s arrival, and he was especially charming in this episode as he loved the ‘Robin Rocket’ and flew around while Bruce looked on indulgently.  Clever addition as Bruce has Lucius working on technology in case of another alien invasion.  Dick's personality is just about perfect in this cartoon.


While I usually go with Batman being reluctant to join the League and Superman all for it, I can see the reversal here because Bruce learned last season to trust and value his sidekicks Robin and Batgirl, and Superman works alone because of all his powers.  He feels he can handle anything, though of course he will learn differently.


I loved the scene between him and Lex, and Clark calling him “Lex” while in private.  To me that’s an interesting little moment, as Clark refers to him as “Luthor” when he’s around other people.  There’s always that Smallville-type undertone there, I think.


I also loved when Bruce showed up in Clark’s apartment. 


The World’s Finest briefly worked together in this episode, as Superman was weakened by Green K for most of the fighting time, but Clark saved Bruce and Dick after they’d saved him, so it’s all good.  J


Now Clark is being mind-controlled by Ivy’s dust and Lex’s addition of Kryptonite!  Tsk, tsk.  Looks like our favorite Kryptonian will need help after all! 


Note: I haven’t seen any of The Batman except for last season, but I can say that a fanfic I read that used the premise of Dick’s universe collapsing and him ending up in another universe but in Bruce’s body to be a good explanation of a ‘kinder, gentler Batman’ in this particular series. He can still be grim and stubborn, but you can see flashes of Dick in there if you accept that premise.  His insistence upon working alone during the alien invasion episode of last season and pushing Barbara and Dick away was summed up as: (paraphrased) “It wasn’t about not trusting you. It was always about losing you.” This Batman (either Dick or Bruce) has lost so much.

This show is still called The Batman, so I wonder how much of the JLA and Superman we’ll see, but it looks like fun!  J


Damn, there was a slashy line in there that I’ll have to try and catch when I re-watch the tape.  And I think it was said by Dick!  Sorry I can’t think of it (brain befuddlement) but if I find it, I’ll mention it!  I’m sure I’ll be watching this episode again!  ;)     

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