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Week 7: New England Patriots 29, New York Jets 26 (OT) (4-3) (Sunday, October 21, 2012)

Week 7: New England Patriots 29, New York Jets 26 (OT) (4-3) (Sunday, October 21, 2012)

Another crazy game! The Pats win in overtime, 29-26, but should have crushed the Jets. The Jets made Mark Sanchez look All-Pro in the passing game as they always do lately with every quarterback who's bad, mediocre, or great. I shudder to think what the rookie QB for St. Louis will do to us next week.

The best thing about this game was the Patriots winning their throwback uniforms! Tommy looked good, as always! ;)

Oh, yeah, another good thing: the day was a golden fall day. Typical New England! :)

The Pats' offense can't close out the close games anymore. They were up by 10 in the fourth quarter and couldn't hit the killing TD. The defense, of course, gave up points because while the front seven is good, the secondary is putrid. If Sanchez wasn't so prone to stupid mistakes, we probably would have lost that game. Thank heavens for Rob Ninkovitch and his causing Sanchez to fumble in OT!

This team is disappointing. If it took all this work to win against a mediocre Jets team, heaven help us in the playoffs! We will probably win the division but that's not guaranteed.

Sloppy game, bad showing by the offense which could be fixed, terrible secondary which can't be fixed. We just don't have the talent.

Devin McCourty thrilled us with running a kick-off back for a touchdown and the offense did manage to engineer a drive to tie up the game (after the lead melted away). There should have been more hurry-up offense!

As Bill Parcells famously said, you are what you are: 4-3, just slightly above average.

The Patriots do sit atop the division at 4-3, the Dolphins remain at 3-3 since they had their bye week, and the Bills and Jets share last place at 3-4.

Next week, off to London and the St. Louis Rams! The game is on at 1:00 on Sunday and is supposed to be shown to most of the country.

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