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Apples 'N' Pumpkins

Today was a lot of fun. My sister and I went and picked up apples at a local orchard, enjoying the trees that have begun to turn their autumn colors. We saw (and will see when peak foliage time occurs in the next few weeks) colors that ranged from rusty gold to lemon-yellow to reddish-brown to burnt orange to fiery red. Some years the colors are dulled and others are so bright they are eye-achingly brilliant.

We each chose small pumpkins and gourds for decorations. I was able to get pumpkin-shaped gourds and multicolored gourds shaped like swans, with the elegant curve of neck and a hint of feathers. :)

We ate at a modest café that had very good food. I had a turkey club sandwich and potato salad and my sister enjoyed a veggie burger.

We ended the day out with a trip to a candy store that was decorated for Halloween and had free samples. :) We each picked up some boxes of chocolate and lollipops, and laughed over Chocolopy, a game with a chocolate theme based on Monopoly. ‘Go to Chocoholics Anonymous’. ;)

Tomorrow, we get together for football!

And I just finished watching the new episodes of Legion Of Super Heroes and The Batman! Comments to come! :)
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