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Reviews: Partners, Chicago Fire & Hawaii Five-0

Well, no Vegas this week due to the presidential debate, and I missed Arrow because I was out. I only caught the last five minutes, so I'll have to see if anyone put up a review on my flist.

Partners, as usual, was nothing brilliant but at least they wrote Wyatt as less naive this week. And I'm usually annoyed at the ol' 'dump-the-friend-for-a-woman' thing, as in a guy has plans with his buddy and dumps him at the last minute because he's got a date with a woman, but it's skeevy for Louis to have a key to Joe's apartment and walk in whenever he wants, because if I'm Ally, gay guy or not, I don't want him walking in on me whenever he pleases. And she's more than just the hot chick of the week, she's Joe's fiance. I can buy why Louis was so reluctant to give up the key (The Charlton Heston line? Meh, not bad), recognizing that his relationship to Louis is changing, but that just shows how little he values Wyatt, as Joe should have been the one to adjust to a new dimension to their friendship now that Louis has Wyatt. Except that hasn't happened, because Wyatt is just a good lay in bed to Louis. Yeah, I know, it's a sitcom, so little character development is to be expected, but it still annoys me.

Brandon is looking more and more gorgeous every day. Why isn't this guy starring in a show of his own instead of in a supporting role in this lame-ass show? His voice is really incredibly sexy, along with the rest of him! ;) And he's talented as an actor. *sighs* One of life's great mysteries, I suppose!

Chicago Fire broke my heart. I was bawling during one scene (the trapped construction worker) and at the end when Kelly brought his wife the phone video her husband made. Gah, if you're going to do that to me every week, guys, I'm not sure I can stick with you! And sometimes I'm just amazed that firefighters aren't all drunks and junkies who die of hypertension considering the tremendous stress of their jobs. Some are alcoholics and are addicted and die of heart attacks and strokes, but I'm surprised not everyone just falls apart. If it's not emotional breakdowns it's physical, considering the labor they have to perform during fires and rescues.

Next week Vegas is back and looks interesting. Oh, and Hawaii Five-0 has been good so far, though I do without them pushing Katherine as Steve's love interest on us. I didn't buy the previews of last week of Steve and Danny stuck in a raft on the ocean with a shark swirling around, because I really doubted the whole episode would be about them stranded, and I was right, but it was funny as hell with their married bickering scenes, as usual. I'm surprised Steve's mom hasn't asked Danny his intentions toward her son yet. ;)

The plot thread with Steve's mom? Very interesting! I'm eager to see where they go with this.

Gah, I hated the fridging of Chin's wife. Poor Chin! He really gets whumped on this show.

No Hawaiian Honeys next week as they're bumped for the last debate. Goddess, can the election be OVER already? If I see another political ad I'll jump off the Zakim. Partners will probably be on since they air at 8:30.

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