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Reviews: More Partners, Vegas & Chicago Fire

Hi, luvs! I did see the second and third episodes of Partners and the second ep of Vegas.

I don't understand why Brandon's character, Wyatt, stays with Louis. He is either desperately in love or desperate for love. Last week the so-called 'joke' seemed rather cruel as we the audience knew that Louis was fawning over Joe's good deed and Wyatt thought it was Louis' thoughtfulness. Ordinarily I'd shrug and say, okay, that's a sitcom, but the way Louis went on and on about how sweet the gesture just irritated me. Joe did a good thing and Louis just negated that goodness, IMO. I felt sorry for Wyatt. Louis is in love with his straight childhood friend and if Joe was gay, Louis would be on him like white-on-rice. This week's episode was a little better but I still read or write and wait for Brandon's scenes.

Vegas was better, and ironically like Partners, the pilot episode was the weaker one. It's why I think Hollywood is stupid for yanking shows after only a few weeks nowadays when they should allow them to gather steam.

Chicago Fire is a firefighting show which seems to come around once a generation. I guess it's too expensive to stage fires every week. Anyway, it's on NBC tomorrow night at 10:00. I don't know if it's any good but I plan to watch. I think Arrow is on the CW tomorrow night at 8:00, too.

Boy, the pickins are slim! I remember the days when I'd pick up at least 7 or 8 new shows a year, even if some of them didn't last. Now I'm trying out a grand total of 4 and watching 3 from last year. Yeesh!

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