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I've Had It!

Okay, I am at my wits' end. Let me pour it all out:

I can't use LJ Scrapbook anymore. My browser's must be too fuckin' old because I follow the simple instructions: I go to Scrapbook, click Upload, Browse, and then choose what album to put the pic in. Then I'm stymied. My browser must be too old to see the next step. I see no Upload button. Nothing. So there goes uploading my banners and any artwork for any Big Bangs that I'll be doing in the future.

It's been years since I downloaded a new browser. I'm reluctant to lose all my bookmarks and start over again and maybe crash the system. How do I know if I newer version of IE is compatible with Windows XP? Would Google Chrome be all right? What version can you use with XP? Would it prompt me to overwrite my old browsers, which I don't want? If I didn't have Netscape, I wouldn't be able to post this entry.

I'm working in the Dark Ages here. I am on dial-up. I have no working sound. The computer probably is full of viruses and malware that I can't afford to get rid of. I've tried the free on-line programs and they've done nothing. I received this computer from a friend years ago and unfortunatley never received a back-up disk so can't back-up my files and pictures. I can't afford to get a computer doctor in here for a minimum of a hundred bucks. I have to work with what I've got.

If LJ Scrapbook is unavailable to me, can you recommend a good free picture hosting service? Something EASY to use? I feel so stupid right about now, I can't even. When you host pictures somewhere else, what's the procedure for using them here on LJ?

Oh, and with this older version of IE, I can't post entries anymore. I had to go to an ancient version of Netscape to do it that's on this computer.

Is a working computer able to access most sites on the Internet and watch YouTube once in awhile so much to ask? *sighs* I am just too fuckin' tired. I'm feeling under-the-weather and I'm SICK of fighting with this computer! If I didn't love fandom so much I'd never use one again! Argh!!!
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