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Reviews: Partners & Vegas

Hi, luvs! A quick set of reviews on two new shows I watched last week. No spoilers because I won't go into details of the episodes, just general stuff.

Partners is a show reminiscent of Will And Grace but with none of the sparkle of that show. The lead characters, Joe and Louis, are childhood friends and Louis is gay while Joe is straight. Their friendship has lasted until adulthood and Joe has just gotten engaged to Ali (played by Sophie Bush). Brandon Routh plays Wyatt, a gay nurse who is in a new relationship with Joe.

I tuned this in solely to see Brandon Routh, the star of Superman Returns. He is, as one critic said, the only bright spot. There is zero chemistry between the two old friends and the two couples. The writing is awful and the plot paper-thin. The bromance between Joe and Louis seems forced, like the Kirk/Spock friendship in the 2009 movie. People keep telling us they're great buddies, but you don't feel it. My recommendation is to tune it in to keep on as background noise until you hear the velvet voice of Brandon and look up to watch his scenes. He looks fantastic and gives this part more effort than it deserves. This show should be gone in about two weeks, anyway. It airs on CBS on Mondays at 8:30.

Vegas is a mob drama set in the early '60s with Michael Chiklis as the mobster Vincent Savino and Dennis Quaid as the sheriff Ralph Lamb. The stars must have drawn in the No. 1 New Show rating for CBS. The story itself wasn't anything spectacular but it shows promise. I hope they put more emphasis on the time period, because frankly except for some clothes and the cars it could have taken place in 2012.

I did like the final scene with Chiklis' character served spaghetti and meatballs in the hotel kitchen. Cliche? Sure, but the reason why you always get the meatballs and pasta in a mob story is because anyone raised in a full-blooded (or even part) Italian-American household eats pasta. It's a staple! And a nice touch I always like to see. :)

It airs on CBS on Tuesdays at 10:00.

I'd give this one a try. They could need a few weeks to really ramp things up.
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