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Week 4: New England Patriots 52, Buffalo Bills 28 (2-2) (Sunday, September 30, 2012)

Week 4: New England Patriots 52, Buffalo Bills 28 (2-2) (Sunday, September 30, 2012)

What a crazy game! The first half was one of those oddball games where the Patriots dominated but because of turnovers (the name of the game!) they ended up trailing 14-7 at the half. Steven Gostkowski missed two field goals and the offense missed opportunities left and right. The defense kept them alive.

Since I’m a masochist fan, I stuck with them and happily so! The boys roared back in the second half after a stutter start and ended up with two 100-yard rushers (Stevan Ridley and Brandon Bolden) and two 100-yard receivers (Rob Gronkowski and Wes Welker). Devin McCourty grabbed three interceptions, Jerod Mayo one, and Vince Wilfork grabbed a fumble. There was another fumble and three sacks on Buffalo quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick (that rare bird in the NFL, a Harvard grad), who three 4 INTs today.

Tommy was not only INT-free, he scored a rushing touchdown! Another rare bird. ;) And Danny Woodhead got a receiving touchdown after a scramble by Tom. The quadruple-100s happened in a single game for the first time since 1982. Five hundred-and-eighty yards were scored by the Pats. Six touchdowns in the second half! Every time they had the ball, they scored after the first nothing possession.

Not all was wine ‘n’ roses. The secondary was a sieve at times and that spells danger down the line if they can’t correct it. Buffalo took advantage of turnovers in the first half and could have crushed the Pats and ended up 3-1 in the division, but now they’re tied with the Pats at 2-2. I don’t know if the Jets won, but if they lost they are 2-2, otherwise 3-1. I think Miami is on a bye week because I didn’t hear them mentioned all day. They would remain at 1-2.

Next week, the Denver Broncos come to town. Another Brady-Manning face-off! ;)
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