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Thanks To All!!! :)

I had a great birthday! Quiet but a perfect fall day. My sister gave me all kinds of goodies: gift cards for Subway and the movies, a magazine with lots of great pix of my man Christian, and chocolate! What’s not to love about that combo? ;)

She also gave me a funny Star Trek card. I laugh every time I open it! :)

Pizza was the order of the day: chicken, bacon, and ranch sauce. Heaven! ;)

And my fannish friends? Well, one of the best things about the day was all the fantastic, thoughtful gifts I received! THANK YOU all! It’s wonderful to know people are thinking of you on your special day. :)

I received:

Cheerful Greetings from:

lilacs_roses, nrrrdy_grrrl, eternal_moonie, realpestilence, ctbn60, phoenixnz (Yummy Birthday Cake!), romennim, elenarain (Sweet Clark!), ilovetobefree (Sparkly Hearts ‘N’ Roses!), khylara, paxwolf, rileyc (The World’s Finest, including Robin! and Steve/Diana! Woot!), svgurl (Sexy Tom Brady!), me_ya_ri, saavikam77, jen_rock and lauramcewan

Lovely Virtual Gifts from:

ctbn60 (Box of Candy), northernwalker (Orchid & Chocolate Torte), kittymayhem (Box of Candy) and northern_star (Cupcake)

Fantastic Wallpaper from:

delorita (Christian as Bruce from The Dark Knight Rises!)

Fabulous Fic from:

Pizza, a wonderful Steve/Diana drabble by starsandsea

Ambrosia At the Cheesecake Factory, a marvelously charming Steve/Diana ficlet by mithen
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