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Fic: Colors (1/1)

Title: Colors (1/1)
Author: BradyGirl
Pairings/Characters:Dick/Roy, Lian, Alfred, Clark/Bruce
Categories: Fluff, Slice-Of-Life
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Spoilers: None
Summary: Roy’s birthday is a happy time for his little family.
Date Of Completion: September 18, 2007
Date Of Posting: September 19, 2007
Disclaimer: I don’t own ‘em, DC does, more’s the pity.
Word Count: 1216
Feedback welcome and appreciated.
Author’s Note: Happy Birthday to loopylouise123 from one September Birthday Girl to another! :)
I seem to have a thing for pink frosting in my stories. ;) 

The kitchen was bright and cheerful, like its three occupants.  The paper tablecloth was decorated with red, green, and yellow balloons, and the paper pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey curled up on the refrigerator, the tail fairly close to where it was supposed to go.  Apples bobbed in the old-fashioned washtub, towels set around to catch any water as a result of vigorous bobbing.


At the table Lian was happily devouring her piece of birthday cake, Dick laughingly feeding Roy his piece.  It was a delicious cake, an Alfred special: cherry-pink with pink frosting and cherries on top. 


Roy was enjoying the taste of the cake.  His Robbie usually chose a pink cake and frosting for his birthday, too, but it was strawberry cake and strawberries on top.  Lian was the only chocolate cake fancier for her birthday in this little family.


And family is what we are.


Roy was filled to bursting with happiness, he and Dick together and working out their lives as lovers, parents, and heroes.  This little celebration was just what he’d wanted: the three of them playing party games and eating wonderful cake.  Dick grinned as he put a dollop of frosting on Roy’s nose.


“Ha, ha,” Roy said as he cleaned it off, eating the frosting. “That’s what you two looked like when I got home, making the cupcakes!”


Lian giggled and Dick winked at her.  Roy had come home to a messy kitchen, much laughter, and frosting in Lian’s hair and on Dick’s nose.  He had merely shook his head and went to shower, letting his mischief-makers clean up the mess they’d made.


Red, green, and yellow streamers festooned the ceiling, Roy smirking at the color scheme.  Robbie could wear all the dark Nightwing costumes he wanted, but at heart he was still a circus brat who loved bright colors.


“Presents!” Lian clapped.


“Don’t worry, we’ll get to them, Princess,” Dick assured her.  He fed Roy another scoop of frosting.


“Mmm,” Roy said, licking his lips and watching the sparkle in Dick’s blue eyes. “Lian, sweetie, get me more soda, will you, please?”


“Sure, Daddy!”


Lian slid off the chair and went to the refrigerator, taking out the bottle of Diet Coke.  Roy took another bite of cake, deciding he really liked Dick in the dark-blue pants and bright yellow T-shirt.  He’d like him even better out of both.


Dick took the bottle from Lian, who scrambled back up onto her chair.  Roy’s lover refilled everyone’s glasses and scooped up a cherry from his plate and offered it to Roy, who happily took it.


& & & & & &


Roy looked sexy as hell, Dick decided.  He loved him in the jeans and crimson, short-sleeved shirt.  Red looked good on Roy.  So did green, and yellow wasn’t so bad, either.  Dick felt giddy as he thought of the night ahead and the fun they were having now. 


He had gone over to the Manor that morning to pick up the cake, Alfred cleaning up from his breakfast.  The butler had been delighted to see him, as always, and Dick had stayed to chat…


& & & & & &


“Let me fix you some breakfast, Master Dick.”


“Oh, you just finished cleaning up, Alfred.”


“Nonsense.  I still have more breakfasts to make.  Yours will be easy.”


Dick sat down and drank orange juice while he chatted, Alfred whipping up blueberry pancakes in no time.  Dick’s mouth watered.  While he and Roy were getting better at cooking (in fact, their next lesson was here this weekend), nothing matched Alfred’s cooking skills.


“Mmm, Alfred, you’re the best.”


“Thank you, young sir.” Alfred’s tone was very pleased. “How are you and Master Roy, and Miss Lian?”


“Very well, thank you, Alfred.” Dick’s eyes twinkled. “Lian and I have planned out his birthday party for Roy this afternoon.” He laughed. “Complete with donkeys and apples.”


Alfred raised an eyebrow but smiled.


“Mph, Alfred, do I smell your heavenly pancakes?”


A mussed, yawning Clark Kent stood in the doorway, clad in a cobalt-blue silk robe.  He wasn’t wearing his glasses and when he opened his eyes, smiled at Dick. “Hey, Dick.”


“Hey, Clark.” Dick’s grin was extra-wide.  Seeing Superman in nothing but a robe and sleep-mussed was always a treat.


Clark sat at the table, Alfred making the pancakes swiftly and setting a huge stack in front of the Kryptonian.  Clark poured Vermont maple syrup over them and started to eat.

“So, here to pick up Roy’s cake?”




“Say Happy Birthday for him for me, will you?”


“He’ll appreciate it.”


Clark grinned as he ate.


“Late night?”


“Well, you know Bruce’s hours.”


“I certainly do,” Dick said with a grin and Clark answered him with one of his own.


Clark was so good for Bruce.  While Dick had been able to bring Light to Bruce over the years, Clark had done the same.  Now they both were still doing it, though in admittedly different ways.


Dick felt very relaxed.  This kitchen, the entire Manor, was his home, where he would always be welcome.  Other people had not been able to fathom why Dick had loved growing up here.  They thought the place gloomy, and Bruce gloomier still.


Bruce hadn’t exactly been Mr. Sunshine, but he didn’t have to be, as far as Dick was concerned.  He had done his best, and Alfred had been there as well.  Dick remembered many happy times in this kitchen or in the living room, Bruce far more relaxed in Dick’s childhood and teenage years before growing darker after Dick had left the Manor for college and the two of them growing apart for a time.  In the happier times, Bruce had smiled and laughed and Dick had loved spending time with him.


Now Dick and Bruce had found each other again, and Clark was there, wonderful, smiling, generous Clark, who loved Bruce with all his considerable heart.


Roy had finally realized just why Dick had loved it here, and now they were making a home together with Lian.  Dick hoped it could be as happy as the ones he had known, both in the circus with his parents and here with Bruce and Alfred.


“Will the Master be rising soon, sir?”


“Probably not, Alfred.”


Both Clark and Dick grinned.


& & & & & &


Dick snapped back to the present, Roy’s green eyes sparkling at him as he waited for the forkful of cake.  Dick hastily fed the cake to him, smiling as Roy kissed his fingers.


The afternoon sunshine was streaming into the kitchen, the trees outside a blaze of gold, scarlet, and orange.  Roy suited him with his bright red hair and tendency to wear bright colors for his costumes.  A shaft of sunlight touched Roy’s hair, setting it afire with rich, luscious color.  Dick felt himself lucky indeed.


& & & & & &


Lian dotted her cake with multicolored jellybeans, her legs swinging back and forth under the table.  She watched her daddy and her papa feed each other cake, smiling and laughing, and she felt happy.


No more silly Daddy and Papa.  They were together, they would stay together, and she would be their Princess, ‘nuff said! 


Grinning, she ate a jellybean and started getting excited about the present she was giving her daddy.




Tags: alfred pennyworth, birthday fic, clark kent/bruce wayne, colors, dick grayson/roy harper, lian harper, nightwing/red arrow, superman/batman

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