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2012 Halloween Challenge Update!!! (9/26/12)

Yay! josephina_x has written a sexy, passionate Clex tale for the 2012 DCU Fic/Art Halloween Challenge. She never fails to delight with her Clexian fic. :)

Subcollection (2012)

The complete Master List is here.

Title: Trust, Affection, Aggression. --Not The Same Thing.
Author: josephina_x</a>
Characters/Pairings: Clark/Lex (slash)
Continuity: Smallville (TV)
Genre: Romance, Drama, PWP if you read it standalone
Rating: R (hard-R this time, folks)
Warnings: might look slightly non-con if you squint or skip large passages(?) --it's totally con though, so very much so :)
Spoilers: for the entire series, pre-seven-years-later
Disclaimer: Not mine, not for profit. For entertainment purposes only, please don't sue.
Word Count: 3600+
Summary: It's Halloween, and Lex wants to get Clark in the mood. ...Of course, since this is one of Lex's plans, nothing survives the first engagement. (Guess it's a good thing they're already married.)
Prompts Used: in approximate order of occurrence:

1. Black
8. Purple
5. Red
7. Gold
6. Silver

Traditional Elements:
38. Mists/Fog
51. The Angel Of Death
34. Capes/Cloaks/Robes

6. Victorian ephemera
10. Gloves
3. Black lace
2. Red silk
4. Kohl
9. Crown/Tiara/Circlet

5. Smallville (Of course, in Smallville, it’s Halloween every day! ;) )

Author’s Note: The Xmas 2011 series rears its ugly head once again! Muahahahahahaha! ;)

Written for bradygirl_12’s 2012 DCU Fic/Art Halloween Challenge.
Tags: 2012 dcu fic/art halloween challenge, autumn, challenge, halloween, holiday, master list, pagan
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