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Rainbow's Freedom: Homestretch!

Well, we’re in the homestretch for Rainbow’s Freedom, folks! Thirty chapters left and then we bid adieu to this ‘verse, but there’s LOTS more to come! ;)

This should be called the Just Desserts Arc! There will be resolution of some threads that I think people will find quite satisfying. :)

Back when I started this I knew how I wanted to end it. Getting there has been a marvelous journey and surprised me more than once. The cast of characters has grown and don’t be shocked to see a few more surprises here and there! I'm still excited about this world and if I had the time, I'd write nine more arcs! ;) But I think people will find quite a bit to read even when this is finished.

Thanks to all who have read and commented over the years. It kept me going with this massive epic and will give me the impetus to finish! You guys are great!
Tags: clark kent/bruce wayne, fanfic, justice arc, rainbow's freedom, superman/batman, writing
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