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(PRE) Week 4: New York Giants 6, New England Patriots 3 (Wednesday, August 29, 2012) (1-3)

(PRE) Week 4: New York Giants 6, New England Patriots 3 (Wednesday, August 29, 2012) (1-3)

As you can see by the score, an exciting game! ;) But Tom and the starters didn't play for the Patriots, yet the Giants did send out their first time against the Pats' second-stringers and were pretty much stymied for most of the time, later switching to their own back-ups.

They had footage of Tommy going against Gronk, playing receiver to Gronk's DB and beating him for three TDs in pre-game warm-ups. Really cute stuff. Both guys: hubba hubba! ;) Gronk's on the cover of Sports Illustrated again this week, but he's got clothes on this time. ;)

Tommy's haircut is worlds apart from his long hair of last season but he's pretty either way! :)

Games start for real on September 9th as the Pats journey to Tennessee.

Oh, and the replacement refs are scheduled to work Week 1. I feel sorry for these guys, thrust into a tough position, but they proved last night that they need the regular refs back! I was embarrassed for them! Yeesh!
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