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Recs: Fanart & Fanfic

I needed some joy today, so I am pleased to share these fannish gems with you.

Sparkling Jewels! :)

First up, beautiful fanart by kikainausagi, done in the Art Nouveau style for the cap_ironman Reverse Big Bang and featuring Captain America, Iron Man, and Peggy Carter. I haven’t read the story this art goes with yet, but if it’s as good as the art, it’ll be a great read!

We all know the talented mithen gives us fantastic World’s Finest fic, but in At The Edge Of The World, she showcases Alexander and Hephaistion of the Mary Renault books and does a marvelous job depicting their relationship (truly the stuff of legend!) and immersing us in a time long gone.

Not to be outdone, klose in stolen_journals has written three delightful pieces centering around Bruce + Dick gen and Bruce/Dick slash and are some of the finest Dynamic Duo stories I’ve ever had the pleasure to read:

Fish, a ficlet with de-aged Baby Dick and his big, baby blues and Bruce totally smitten. Damian is in this one, too! *smirks* (Bruce + Dick)

Come Into Me Bruce allows himself to relax and be lured by the Dancing Grayson! ;) Other Bat-Family members enjoy the impromptu gathering. (Bruce/Dick)

Bruce’s Raging Cold is a piece that twines humor and pathos brilliantly. Dick is never afraid of Bruce and is more amused than cowed by his blustering when he comes down with a cold, and there is a moment between them that will tug at your heartstrings and is perfectly perfect. (Bruce + Dick)

And, finally, in all my years in fandom, I have read literally hundreds of fanfics, and this might be one of the best I’ve ever read: Revelation by Sarren.

The author creates with deft skill a marvelous first-time Bruce/Jim (Nolanverse) tale, filled with action, romance and dashes of humor. Written in Jim’s POV, the characterizations are utterly brilliant in their low-key facets of a storytelling diamond.

Batman swoops in and carries Jim away from his house one sultry Gotham night as assassins arrive to kill the Commissioner. Revealing himself as Bruce, he adamantly maintains that Jim is the most important man in Gotham and must be protected, but tongues start to wag when Jim is discovered to be living with Bruce at the penthouse. Alfred is a delight, as always, and his importance in the story is subtle but, of course, essential. The domestic scenes? They will warm your soul.

Even if you’re not a Bruce/Jim ‘shipper, do yourself a favor and just skim the beginning and see if it will capture you. The quiet joy of this story is punctuated by pulse-pounding action and close calls, and you won’t regret reading it.

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