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Fic: The New Frontier I: The Usual Place (3/3)

Title: The New Frontier I: The Usual Place (3/3)
Author: BradyGirl
Pairings/Characters: (this chapter): Clark/Bruce, Dick
Series Notes: Well, it’s no secret that I absolutely love Darwyn Cooke’s The New Frontier! As I read it I got all sorts of ideas, and will collect them under the umbrella title, "The New Frontier". Stories could range from slash to (gasp!) gen and het. :) I’d like to focus on many different characters within the framework of The New Frontier universe, or use it as a jumping-off point. All stories can be found here.
Category: Drama
Rating (this chapter): PG-13
Warnings: None
Continuity/Spoilers: Darwyn Cooke’s The New Frontier
General Summary: At the usual time and place, the World’s Finest meet.
Summary: Dick’s joy in flying and everything else impresses Clark.
Date Of Completion: September 7, 2007
Date Of Posting: September 15, 2007
Disclaimer: I don’t own ‘em, DC does, more’s the pity.
Word Count: 837
Feedback welcome and appreciated.
Author’s Note: This story will be told in three chapters, each from a different point-of-view of each member of the World’s Finest, with whom I decided to kick off the series. All chapters can be found here.
The Dick-flying-with-Clark theme? A fave! ;) 





Clark started off gently, letting the excited boy get acclimated.  Eventually he began some easy rolls and loops, Dick’s heartbeat rapid, his face in a permanent smile.


Clark marveled how one young boy could be so sunny.  Joy was a part of this child’s fiber, brilliant and dazzling as he vibrated in pure delight.


Wisps of clouds sprinkled droplets on skin, Dick reaching out in wonder at the rainbow prisms.


Clark let the leisurely pace continue, wonder in Dick’s face, then he speeded up and suddenly dived down, a squeal of delighted surprise erupting from his passenger.


Faster rolls, then another dive, Dick laughing as they flew through a thick cloud, two pairs of sapphire-blue eyes sparkling as they exchanged smiles.


Clark was happy to give the child such joy.  Dick brought Light to his Beloved.  Bruce was more relaxed, even as Batman.  The new look of the Bat-costume fit better for a man with sunlight at his side.


Clark recognized a kindred spirit.  Bringing Light to Bruce’s Darkness was something they both did, albeit in different ways.


Clark gently pushed Dick out, holding only his hand, Dick’s limbs spread to approximate flying, the Little Bird’s sense of balance perfect.


After thirty minutes of pure happiness, Clark reluctantly started back.  He took his time, Dick in absolute heaven.


Clark wished that life would be as simple as this boy’s joy in life.  Dick had a good heart and from the newsreels that Clark had seen, the heart of a lion.  Courage was as much a part of him as Bruce.


Bruce had said that he and Dick were “two lost souls who found each other.”  Clark wanted details.  He and Bruce were a couple, as far as Clark was concerned, and he hoped to help raise this boy to some degree.


As the wind caressed his face, he thought of the secret love he and Bruce shared.  They couldn’t appear in public together as Superman and Batman, especially after their staged mega-fight years ago to convince the Government and the public that Superman was the nation’s protector, and Batman was so elusive and clever that his ‘defeat’ of Superman left him free to operate without police or Federal interference.


As Clark gently rolled, Dick laughing, he thought of his confrontation with the Government back when the persecution of costumed heroes began.  The G-men had insisted his secret identity be revealed as a requirement of ‘registration’.


“Gentlemen, I will be your symbol, work with you to round up mystery men, but my identity is my secret.  I have people to protect.  If you insist, then I hope you’re prepared to deal with a rogue Superman.”


They had dropped their insistence.


Since then, Clark and Bruce had occasionally met in their civilian identities under the guise of interviews or newsmaking social occasions, but usually it was secret, illicit meetings that had fueled their passion.


Bruce was waiting in the same spot where they had left him.  As Clark set Dick down, the boy spoke his first words since taking off, “Bruce, it was great/we saw everything for miles/we flew through clouds/we dove and dipped and rolled/oh, thank you, Clark!/I’ll remember this always!”


Bruce and Clark exchanged amused smiles as the words tumbled out of Dick in a constant flow of excitement.


“Go work out,” Bruce said, and Dick somersaulted away.


“He’s special, Bruce.”


“I know.”


“How did you meet him?”


Sadness tinged Bruce’s voice. “He was part of The Flying Graysons, the aerialist act with Haly’s Circus.  I went opening night in Gotham.” Bruce looked at the energetic child bouncing around the landscape. “His parents performed a special routine without a net.  The ropes broke.”


“My God.”


Bruce nodded. “Dick saw it all.”


Tears shimmered in Clark’s eyes.  He understood the ‘lost souls’ connection now.




“It’s okay, Clark.  Despite everything…” he gestured vaguely at the whole world “…we’ll survive.”


“I think we can manage more than that,” Clark whispered, drawing Bruce close to him.


Their kiss was deep and passionate, stirring fire deep within Clark.


“Get a room,” Dick said cheerfully. “Mushy stuff!”


Both men smiled as they broke apart.


This boy is definitely good for Bruce.  I’ve never seen him smile so much in years.


“Good idea, Dick,” Clark said. “I’ll see you at the Manor tonight.”


“I’ll tell Alfred to prepare a banquet for twenty,” Bruce said in a deadpan voice.


“Are you implying that I eat a lot?”


Bruce tapped Clark’s stomach. “You’re a growing boy.”


“I burn a lot of calories.”


Bruce laughed. “C’mon, Dick, a hungry Kryptonian is not a pretty sight.”


Clark winked at Dick, whose grin was blinding, and he flew up, up, and away.


This mysterious Centre could be a dangerous menace indeed, these clues of books and paintings pieces of a puzzle, but in the superhero game, you had to take good times while you could get them.


He flew off to Metropolis for a quick patrol, looking forward to the evening.







Tags: clark kent/bruce wayne, dick grayson, robin, superman/batman, the new frontier
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