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Fic: Rainbow’s Freedom (Justice Arc) (27/61)

Title: Rainbow’s Freedom (Justice Arc) (27/61)
Author: BradyGirl_12
Pairings/Characters: (this chapter): Hal/Steve/Diana (Hal does not appear in this chapter), Jonathan/Martha, Lana Lang, Kathy Kane
Series Notes: In the 23rd century, Earth is a technologically-advanced society that practices the ancient institution of slavery. Clark begins training under the Bat and secrets are uncovered as the Abolitionist Movement makes rapid progress with old and new methods. Can Freedom outrace rumors of War as the Galactic Empire rushes headlong to a new future?
The entire series can be found here.
Genres: AU, Drama, Slavefic
Rating: (this chapter): NC-17
Warnings: None
Spoilers: None
Summary: Wonder Woman and the National Abolitionist Society plan their joint strategy.
Date Of Completion (First Draft): May 30, 2011
Date Of Posting: August 12, 2012
Disclaimer: I don’t own ‘em, DC does, more’s the pity.
Word Count: 1604
Feedback welcome and appreciated.
Author’s Note: The magnificent story cover is by the wonderfully-talented ctbn60. Thanks so much, luv! :)

When women come together
Over tea and cookies,
Watch out, World!

Sarah McPherson
"Tea And Cookies"
1906 C.E.



Diana awoke, purring as she curled up closer to Steve.

“Mmm, ‘mornin’, Angel.” He nuzzled her hair.


He smiled and tightened his hold on her. She stroked his chest, his smile growing bigger.

“It is a fine morning,” she said. “I hope it is as fine on Oa.”

“Hal says it’s really pretty there. The vegetation is blue instead of green, but he likes that.”

“Yes, did he not say that the vegetation varied between blue and green?”

Steve nodded. “He said it would have been funny if all of it was blue and yet the Guardians were in charge of the Green Lantern Corps.”

Diana laughed. “Truly.”

“So, you’ve got your coffee klatch today?”

She punched him playfully on the arm. “It is not a ‘coffee klatch’.”

“A hen party?” He laughed as she tickled his ribs. “Stop, Angel!”

She smirked and draped her legs over his. “Do not mock me, Beloved.”

“The word is ‘teasing’, Angel. And I could never mock you.” He smiled at her.

“Of course not.” She kissed him gently on the lips. “When first I met you, I knew that you were different from the men of the world outside the Island. You were respectful and kind, though you looked as all men do.”

Steve blushed. “Sorry, Angel.”

“No need.” Diana nipped his neck, lavishing kisses on his jaw and throat, kissing her way down his chest until she reached his groin.

He gasped as she began to lavish attention on his cock. He was a lucky man, indeed.

& & & & & &

“Welcome, Princess,” said Martha.

“Diana will do, Mrs. Kent.”

“Martha, please.”

Diana bowed. “I am pleased to be in your home.”

“Princess.” Jonathan bowed, Diana smiling. “And don’t worry, it’s Diana, from now one.”

Diana laughed. “Good. Will Kathy and Lana be attending?”

“Yes, they’re out in the barn strategizing.” At Diana’s raised eyebrow, Martha laughed. “There’s an office up in the loft. It’s a good place for solitude when you need it.”

“Ah, I see. There are places on Paradise Island like that.”

“How lovely. Will you be going home for a visit?”

A shadow passed over Diana’s face. “Not for awhile.”

“Would you like a cold drink?” Or tea?”

Diana smiled. “Tea would be heavenly.”

“Jonathan, could you get the cookies?”

“Sure, honey.”

Diana smiled again. She seated herself on the couch, observing the home of two people she admired greatly. She liked its old-fashioned coziness with its comfortable furniture and knickknacks on the wall shelf. The TV was old-fashioned, too, not a flatscreen or 3-D version. She was charmed by the simplicity of the place.

Her heart ached for home. Despite its grandeur, there was a clean simplicity in the lines of Greek architecture.

But they are safe now in the other dimension and will return when the time is right. I am the Herald who will pave the way for their return when the time is right. Working with these fine people will get me to that point.

& & & & & &

In the kitchen, Martha brewed the tea while Jonathan placed an assortment of cookies on a big plate, setting smaller dishes on the tray.

“Good choices, dear,” said Martha, kissing Jonathan on the cheek as he chuckled. “I’ll go get the girls.”


Martha left the kitchen and headed toward the barn, pleased at the signs of spring: crocuses poking their green shoots up through the ground, daffodils right beside them. The leaves would soon burst out onto the trees. The days were starting to grow longer, too.

She entered the barn, her practiced eye noting the neat stalls and workbench, an old tractor in one area, parts scattered around as Jonathan worked on it. She could hear voices from the loft.

The loft had been Clark’s haven, a place where he could spend time alone or with friends out of the house, but close by where she and Jonathan could still keep an eye on him. Pete Ross, Lana Lang, and Chloe Sullivan had all been guests in the loft at one time or another, playing childish games and having fun. When Clark had gotten older, she and Jonathan had still trusted him despite teenage hormones, though they had both found excuses to be in the barn or in the yard as quasi-chaperones.

Martha smiled despite the ache in her heart. Clark had used the loft, his Fortress of Solitude as he had called it, for stargazing or homework.

Now Martha and Jonathan used it as an adjunct office or just to come out to watch the sunset. The view over the fields was magnificent.

“We have to strike while the iron is hot,” Lana’s voice drifted down.

“Of course. Last fall’s Free Your Slaves Day was a smashing success for the second year in a row. We can build on that and the outcome of the Caldwell trial, as much as I’d like to see the old bastard rot in jail,” said Kathy.

“Huh, me, too, luv, but we’ll take what we can get.”

“Wonder Woman is a gift from her Goddesses. She’s well-respected, a hero who’s proven herself to care for people.”

“It’s a real coup for us that she wants to openly ally with us.”

“She’s been doing that for awhile, but she wants to do more.”

“Very good for us.” Lana sighed.

“What is it, Lana?”

“It’s just this loft…it reminds me so much of Clark.”

“This used to be his loft, right?”

“Yes.” Lana’s voice was sad. “I miss him.”

“He sounds like a sweet kid.”

“He was. I just wish I knew what happened to him.”

Martha felt guilty. A great many people would like to know that Clark was still alive, but it was too dangerous. Still…

“Ladies! Wonder Woman is here.”

“Thanks, Martha! We'll be right down,” said Lana.

Martha waited, hearing the scrape of the desk chair being pushed back, then the women appeared at the top of the stairs, coming down the steps quickly. “Let’s go!” said Lana with a smile, her fellow redheads smiling as they left the barn.

Inside the house, Jonathan had served the tea and cookies, Diana sitting regally on the couch. She wore a red silk shirt and dark-blue dress pants, her Amazon bracelets glinting in the sunlight when her shirt cuffs rode up.

It was still an unusual sight, Martha thought, to see a freewoman wearing bracelets that slaves wore, but Wonder Woman was adamant that they represented freedom, not slavery.

“These cookies are quite good, Martha.” Diana bit into a gingersnap with delight.

“Thank you.” Martha noticed Jonathan eating a lemon cookie, and Kathy and Lana took raspberry sugar cookies. She chose a gingersnap. “Now, you have expressed an interest in doing more work with our Society?”

Diana nodded. “I wish to be part of your lecture circuit.” At the group’s eager expressions, she smiled. Lana leaned forward.

“That’s great, Wonder Woman! Could we set up a schedule for you? And would you be willing to speak at the Senate hearings on the Slave Protection Law?”

“I would.”

Lana’s green eyes lit up and she fist-pumped. “Yes!”

Everyone laughed, Diana’s eyes sparkling. “Such enthusiasm should always be rewarded.”

“The hearings start this fall. I tried to get them on the agenda earlier, but I was lucky to get this much.”

“This fall sounds perfect,” Jonathan said with a smile.

“Well, I did get some support from people besides the usual suspects.”

“Suspects?” asked Diana.

Lana grinned and explained the Casablanca reference. “Captain Renault says to ‘round up the usual suspects’ when a crime is committed. The movie is such a classic. You should try and see it.” Lana took another cookie, her love of movies kicking in.

“I shall. I must ask my friends to watch with me.”

“Yeah, just call it up on your TV or computer. You’ll love it.”

The talk resumed about Wonder Woman’s schedule, and she cautioned them that her superhero work could interfere.

“We know, but it’s worth it,” Kathy said.

Martha’s cellphone rang and she answered it. “Oh, hello, Bruce. Good to hear from you. Do you have time to sit in on a meeting with Wonder Woman?” She listened for a moment, shock and horror appearing on her face. “Oh, Bruce, how terrible!” Jonathan went pale and Kathy was immediately concerned. Lana and Diana were also dismayed. “Yes, keep us informed. Goodbye.” She flipped the phone shut.

“Martha?” Jonathan asked.

“Do you remember how Alfred was sick last fall?” At Jonathan’s nod, she continued, “The paramedics who came on the call were unusual: a freeman and slave.”

“I remember Bruce mentioning that,” Kathy said.

“Well, it appears that the Government decided that it was time to take Johnny Gage back. As a half-Indian he’s Gov-owned, of course. His former occupation before being trained as a firefighter/paramedic was as a pleasure slave. Well, the men who took him injured him badly. He’s in the hospital right now.”

“Bastards,” Jonathan growled.

“You know this bastard, Lana: Senator Arlen Hawkins,” said Martha.

Lana grimaced. “Cold as a fish, and as deadly as a shark. I’m not surprised that Johnny was hurt. Hawkins has a reputation for abusing slaves.”

“He did a bang-up job,” Martha said contemptuously. “Johnny’s in surgery now.”

Jonathan shook his head. “What kind of society do we live in that such things are allowed to happen?”

“A very cruel society,” Lana said.

Diana spoke softly, “One that we must change.”

Everyone nodded in grim determination.

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