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(PRESEASON) Week 1: New England Patriots 7, New Orleans Saints 6 (Thursday., August 9, 2012) 1-0)

PRESEASON Week 1: New England Patriots 7, New Orleans Saints 6 (Thursday., August 9, 2012) 1-0)



Well, the game was a snoozer last night (just look at that score!) but I did see the first quarter in which the starters played. Tom got clocked on one play that shows the offensive line is really a work-in-progress now that left tackle Matt Light retired and other starters are out due to injury.

Some flashes of good stuff: Brandon Lloyd catching a pass from Tom, Stevan Ridley utilizing a first cut effectively, and Chandler Jones showing some spark for a rookie. Lots to evaluate, of course, and the Saints didn't look much better, but it's the first pre-season game, so no one's jumping off the Zakim Bridge yet. ;)

I didn't see the entire game, switching between that and the Olympics and the episode of Batman on ME TV, one of my favorites: Robin under Catwoman's control due to a drug and acting the bad guy, and Batman pretending to do the same. I did think that it was a good moment when Catwoman orders Robin to beat up Batman and Batman can't bring himself to hit Robin. After that she gives Batman the drug but he took an all-purpose Bat-Antidote Pill first. ;) Lesley Gore guest-starred as Catwoman's protege Pussycat.

So, yeah, kind of had to see things on the fly!

Next week: the Pats host the Philadelphia Eagles.


Tommy's lookin' gorgeous as usual! Hubba hubba! ;)
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