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Smallville's "Phantom"

I meant to write something on "Phantom" last spring when it first aired, but it just slipped away from me, so I thought I’d put together a few thoughts after seeing the repeat tonight. 

The first time, Chloe’s apparent death nearly had me in tears.  Yeah, I know, she’s probably back this new season, but it was still a powerful scene.  I don’t know if she’s coming back, as I don’t read spoilers of any kind if I can avoid them.  I’ve never understood the propensity of some people to know everything weeks in advance.  Whatever happened to getting surprises or even shocks while watching a show?  Ah, well, I was never one of those kids who went looking for my Christmas presents and opened them well before Christmas.  I was happy to do it on Christmas morning.  Anticipation is half the fun, and sometimes better than the actual event.  Paraphrasing Spock, sometimes the wanting is better than the having.  J


But from the beginning, this episode was very dark and sad.  The image of Clark all alone in the farmhouse after Martha leaves had a haunting quality to it.  So many people have left him!  Lex, his father, Lana, and now Martha. 


This scene was echoed in the Luthor mansion.  Lex is completely alone, too, after everyone has left him.  An interesting parallel.  Some could say that Lex drove everyone away, but it was almost as if this was a self-fulfilling prophecy.  How many times did people tell Lex to his face (including his father) that he was evil, a manipulator, a liar, etc., when quite honestly, in some of the cases in earlier seasons, he wasn’t any of that at all.


Lex’s turn to the Dark Side continues, hitting Lana and trapping the doctor in the lab with the Phantom monster. 


Lana’s death?  Ha!  Not likely.  The van obscuring our view is the obvious tip-off.  No, she’s alive and well.  She’s really a Luthor, though, if she cooked this up all by herself and framed Lex to boot.  J


Chloe’s power?  Perhaps her life essence is still part of Lois, and we’ll get an even better reporter out of this joining.  Ironically, if Chloe was to be forever part of Lois, she’ll get her wish to have Clark eventually.


I’d really like to see Chloe back as herself, though.  I’m not a Lois-hater like so many out there, but I want to see Chloe, too!


I couldn’t help it!  I cracked up at the Bizarro face at the end!  J


Should be an interesting season ahead!



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