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Fic: The Soldier And The Scientist V: Ball Handling Skills A Requirement ;) (1/1)

Title: The Soldier And The Scientist V: Ball Handling Skills A Requirement ;) (1/1)
Author: BradyGirl_12
Pairings/Characters: Steve/Tony, Bruce Banner, Maria Hill, Natasha/Pepper, Clint Barton, Thor Odinson, Peter Parker, Tom Brady, Bill Belicheck, Wes Welker, Deion Branch
Continuity: The Avengers (2012) (Movieverse)
Genres: Fluff, Humor, Romance, Slice-Of-Life
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: None
Spoilers: Yes, for The Avengers (2012).
Summary: The Avengers enjoy pizza, football, and gettin’ lucky. ;)
Date Of Completion: June 21, 2012
Date Of Posting: June 26, 2012
Disclaimer: I don’t own ‘em, Marvel and Paramount do, more’s the pity.
Word Count: 3821
Feedback welcome and appreciated.
Author’s Notes: As a Tom Brady fan (see username) I’m of the opinion that No. 12 is the prettiest and most talented quarterback in the National Football League. ;) And since I’m a New England Patriots fan, the football scenes will naturally show them in the best light, especially against our hated rivals, the New York Jets. You have been warned! But for those non-football fans, never fear, the football scenes don’t dominate the story but use the slashiness of the game to good advantage! ;)
The entire series can be found here.

Gather ‘round,

Dear friends,

By a crackling fire

As the leaves fall outside,

And the crowds cheer

For their gridiron heroes.

Good food

And good company

Does the soul


Jeannette O’Reilly
1963 C.E.

The memory of that kiss Steve had bestowed on him on the balcony lingered with Tony as he awoke the next morning. He stretched luxuriously. His romance with Steve, subtle and slow-moving as it was, was going well. He could smell waffles and coffee. All in all, a good morning.

Tony showered and dressed in jeans and an Iron Man T-shirt. Self-promotion was an art, and he excelled at that. Besides, profits from Avengers merchandise was going to charity.

The Avengers were assembled in the kitchen, their usual morning routine one of banter and coffee. Tony approved, especially of the latter.

Steve was the last one to join them, dressed in a pale-blue T-shirt and a darker shade of blue sweatpants. Every curve, every muscle was accentuated, Tony noticed as he drank his coffee while pouring syrup over golden waffles.

Damnit, Steve, you’re a tease!

The bright smile, the easy charm, the wonderfully-sexy way he filled out that T-shirt: all of it was All-American and yet somehow he doubted that Mr. and Mrs. Middle America would consider Steve Rogers in tight clothes to be wholesome.

Anything but. And why did I think of ‘butt’? Tony mentally facepalmed.

Steve slid into the seat next to Tony, settling his incredibly well-toned butt down. Tony slid the paprika jar over to Steve, who smiled his thanks.

Tony considered himself lucky that Steve wasn’t wearing the Captain America costume, which showed off that incredible ass to perfection. A man had to be in tip-top shape to wear that costume.

He had the armor, which hid a multitude of sins, and Bruce had no costume. Clint filled out his tight leathers quite nicely and Natasha did skintight like she was born for it. Thor also wore his own form-fitting Asgardian outfit to perfection.

But none of them looked as good as Steve in his skintight, star-spangled costume.

Tony wondered if he could make a poster of Steve in that sinfully-tight costume and hang it over his bed. He smirked as he drank his coffee.

Steve seemed oblivious to Tony’s lecherous thoughts, eating a bowl of Wheaties (of course!) with fresh strawberries.

Tony remembered the kiss last night on the balcony. He hadn’t just dreamed that, had he?

Steve drank his apple juice and his eyes met Tony’s over the rim of his glass. As he lowered the glass, his lips curved into a lascivious smile.

Tony blinked. Did he just see what he thought he saw? He looked around. Had anyone else seen that?

How come no one saw Captain America giving me a come-hither look? He drank more coffee. Honest, my foot! Steve Rogers is a sneaky sonofabitch.

At least he hoped so. He would hate to think he was imagining all this lewdness. Feeling chipper, he finished his coffee.

The breakfast clean-up went quickly, Steve taking his plate, glass and utensils over to the dishwasher. He bent over to place them in the machine, giving Tony a great view.

“Tony, my fusion experiment is going well. I’d like your opinion on it,” Bruce said.

“Sure,” Tony said, still watching Steve as the super-soldier left the room.

& & & & & &

Tony spent an enjoyable morning with Bruce in their shared lab, temporarily forgetting Steve as he lost himself in the joy of equations and formulas, but Steve dominated his thoughts again as Bruce persuaded him to go down to the pool for a swim.

Unfortunately for Tony, Steve was already in the pool, swimming laps with enthusiasm as Bruce and Tony emerged from the changing room.

Tony had to admit that Bruce looked great in a dark-green swimsuit. He wore a red pair and pale yellow T-shirt. Going around bare-chested with the arc reactor in plain sight made him feel self-conscious, so he liked to keep it covered.

“Looks like Steve is in Olympic form,” said Bruce.

“Yeah.” Tony knew that Steve wasn’t skinny-dipping, more’s the pity, because the modest soldier would never do anything improper.

He watched as Steve’s athletic form cleaved through the water. Bruce was right; Steve could easily be an Olympic athlete.

And what would that perfect body look like, focused on me in bed?

It was a thought that consumed him as he watched Steve swim rapidly up-and-down the length of the pool, stopping at the end closest to Bruce and Tony. He looked up with wet hair plastered to his head and a smile on his face.

“Hi, guys. I’ll give you free run of the pool. I’m done.”

Steve rose from the pool, the water droplets glistening on his skin. He was wet and fucking gorgeous, Tony thought.

Bruce dived into the deep end of the pool as Tony watched Steve head for the locker room. The blue swimsuit was the same shade as his costume, molded tight to his perfect buttocks.

Tony groaned and dove into the pool.

& & & & & &

“Do we have to do this?” Tony complained.

“The photo shoot is important for S.H.I.E.L.D. publicity and Avengers P.R.,” said Maria Hill. With Phil in the hospital, she was temporarily the Avengers’ handler. Tony didn’t faze her. After serving as Nick Fury’s second-in-command, who would?

Everyone was in full costume, including Tony, whose faceplate was up. Natasha and Clint wore their skintight black leathers, Thor in majestic Asgardian regalia, and Steve in his star-spangled costume. Bruce was dressed in a modest tweed jacket with elbow patches and brown pants, looking very professorial.

Tony was frustrated as he had been in the middle of an intriguing experiment when Maria had dragged him out of the lab. The last thing he wanted to do was take pictures.

Cap walked over to Maria, his cowl on but his blue eyes were bright and his smile charming. “Agent Hill, how would you like us posed?”

She gestured to the photographer. “Mr. Parker will direct you.”

The young man from The Daily Bugle smiled and said, “Lady and gentlemen, please get in the middle of the room. That’s it. Cap, please stand in the middle. Now, Black Widow and Hawkeye, please flank him, and Thor, to the Widow’s right. Iron Man, to Hawkeye’s left. Dr. Banner…”

Tony couldn’t help it. He was looking at Steve in his skintight costume, particularly his ass.

Boy, they knew what they were doing when they designed this costume.

One of the many benefits to wearing the armor was hiding reactions to well-built super-soldiers in skintight spandex.

“Mr. Stark?”


“Could you please put your faceplate down?” Peter Parker had.

“Oh, yeah, sure.”

Why not? I’ll be able to look without anyone noticing.

The photo shoot was efficiently handled by Peter while Tony enjoyed ogling Cap with impunity. Not only did he possess an ass that should be immortalized like Michelangelo’s David, but there were broad shoulders and chest and strong legs, not to mention full lips and bright blue eyes. The shining blond hair was hidden by the cowl, but it didn’t matter. Tony knew what it looked like and if he was lucky, he’d be running his fingers through it soon.

“Mr. Stark.”


Clint poked Tony in his ribs.

“I asked you to stand next to Captain America,” said Peter.

“Oh, yes, certainly.”

Tony smirked behind his faceplate. Why wouldn’t he want to get closer to Cap? He settled in next to him as Thor was positioned on Steve’s other side.

“Great, perfect, okay, everybody look all fierce and ready to save the world.”

Tony’s gloved hand slipped behind Steve and cupped one impressive cheek, giving it a squeeze. Cap jumped slightly.

“Don’t move, Cap,” Peter cautioned.

Tony bit back a chuckle. He could see a blush creep over his fellow Avenger’s face. How sweet!

“That’s great. You’re really selling it, guys.”

Tony murmured, “I’m buying what you’re selling, Cap.”

Captain America blushed again, keeping his shield firmly in front of him.

& & & & & &

After Maria and Peter had left, the Avengers went to their rooms to change. They gathered in the den, the TV on and friendly arguing going on about what to watch.

Tony lolled on the couch next to Bruce, waiting for Steve to show up. The erstwhile captain had avoided him after the photo shoot. Tony was afraid that he had gone a little too far.

Thor, Natasha and Clint had joined Tony and Bruce and laughed about the afternoon’s events.

“Imagine you as a male model,” Natasha smirked as Clint sniffed.

“Ha, I looked great.”

“Verily so, Friend Clint,” Thor agreed.

As Tony listened to the banter, he kept his eyes on the doorway. Steve appeared in jeans and a blue T-shirt. He was not a clotheshorse, preferring clothes as casual as possible. If not for an old-fashioned sense of propriety, he probably would have walked in barefoot. Instead he wore socks and sat on the floor behind the coffee table, sitting next to Tony. His shoulder brushed Tony’s leg.

Now this is interesting.

“I don’t feel like cooking,” Bruce said. “Anyone?” Murmurs of “No,” greeted him. “How about we order out for pizza?”

“Great idea!” Clint agreed.

Tony produced his Starkphone. “Shout it out.”






Tony ordered each one, adding his own choice of Hawaiian, prompting a few rolled eyes. He ordered each pizza extra large, knowing that leftovers were just fine with everyone. He ordered Buffalo wings and onion rings and figured everyone would be in the gym all day tomorrow to work off the meal.

Pepper arrived from a long day’s work and poked Tony in the shoulder. “Are you ordering pizza?”

“You know me well.”

“Did you get chicken-and-broccoli?”

“Yes, Mother.”

She smirked and sat down in one of the overstuffed chairs, Natasha resting back against her legs as she sat cross-legged on the floor.

“What’s on?” Tony asked.

“Sunday Night Football,” Clint answered with a fist pump.

“Fine by me,” Natasha said. “A tough sport played by men in tip-top shape in tight pants? Yeah.”

The men laughed. “Who’s playing?” Steve asked.

“The New England Patriots versus the New York Jets,” Clint said. He grinned. “Too bad it wasn’t the Vikings, huh, Thor?”

“Verily,” Thor smiled.

“Not the Giants?” Steve asked.

“Nope, their sad sack little brothers, the Jets,” Clint said. “But there are still the New York Football Giants.”

“Yeah, the baseball Giants left for the West Coast like my Dodgers,” Steve frowned with a slight shake of his head. He still could not quite believe that his beloved Dodgers had left Brooklyn.

“So who are you rooting for?” Bruce asked Clint.

“The Chicago Bears are my team. I’ll be neutral.”

“I’m rooting for the Patriots,” Natasha said. “Their quarterback Tom Brady is hot.”

Steve laughed. “Well, as Captain America I guess I should root for the Patriots.”

“Dad was a Giants fan. Guess I’ll root for the Jets,” said Tony.

“I remember what Tom Brady looks like,” Steve said. “I saw him in the Super Bowl last year.” He winked at Natasha. “He is hot.”

“I shall root with you, Friend. Tony. Even things up.” Thor thumped Tony on the back and the billionaire coughed.

“What about you, Bruce?” asked Natasha.

“I’ll stay neutral,” he said with a smile.

“Pep?” asked Tony.

“I’m a Giants fan, so I’ll root against the Jets.”

“’The enemy of my enemy’, eh?” Bruce said.

She smiled. “That’s right.”

The Avengers continued to talk during the pre-game show and by the time Faith Hill began to sing the Sunday Night Football theme song, the pizzas had arrived, everyone eagerly digging in. Beer and sodas were included, and Tony felt supremely satisfied. He could never have dreamed of hosting an impromptu party like this with people he considered friends. His usual parties consisted of schmoozing businessmen or politicians, not friends. He liked the informality of a pizza party while watching football. He was not a huge sports fan but liked to catch a game now and then, and football’s strategizing intrigued him.

“Oh, yeah, Tom Brady is hot,” Steve said, watching the blond quarterback warm up on the sidelines.

“Pretty,” Pepper purred as she rubbed Natasha’s shoulders.

Tony bit into his slice of sausage-and-pepperoni pizza, enjoying the flavors. He was very aware of Steve sitting so close to him.

The game started and there was plenty of shouts and groans as the plays unfurled on the field. The Patriots’ head coach Bill Belicheck stood on the sidelines stone-faced as he wore a ratty gray hoodie with the team logo. His quarterback trotted to the sideline after he called a time-out to consult. Tony had to admit that the man had a very nice ass in his tight silver uniform pants.

Pepper said, “I liked his long, golden locks but I suppose it was practical for him to cut them off.”

“I like his Kirk Douglas chin,” Natasha chuckled.

“I got that reference,” Steve said. At everyone’s looks he said, “What? I’m catching up on ‘50s movies.”

“You girls and your ogling,” Tony teased. “Don’t you appreciate the finer points of the game?”

“I appreciate it when Tom throws to his wide receiver to stuff the ball into the end zone,” drawled Natasha.

“I like it when he runs the naked bootleg,” said Pepper.

“Mmm, now that’s a backfield in motion,” Steve said, startling everyone and causing delighted laughter.

Tony figured he had an excellent chance with Steve with all these comments. Apparently Steve had gotten comfortable with the twenty-first century’s more relaxed attitude toward gays. Or maybe he just liked smutty football.

Either way, it bodes well for me.

He took a long swig from his bottle of beer. Maybe seeing Natasha and Pepper together was emboldening Steve. Not that Tony knew for certain that they were sleeping together. Who could tell with women? They sat around braiding each other’s hair, for cryin’ out loud, when no sexy times were involved.

“Yes!” Steve and Clint raised their arms in triumph as the Patriots scored, Clint having decided to abandon neutrality, apparently. Natasha and Pepper bumped fists. Tony stuck his tongue out while Thor thumped him on the back in commiseration.

The two erstwhile Jets fans had their chance to cheer on the next possession as their team scored. Natasha threatened to kick in the TV while Pepper laughed and handed her another beer.

“Okay, that run back from the kick-off gives the Patriots 1st-and-10 at their own 30. Let’s see, Brady-to-Branch,” Clint predicted.

“I say Welker out of the slot,” said Pepper. “Right up the seam!”

“Care to put a wager on that?”

“You’ll bet on whether the sun comes up in the morning or not,” said Natasha.

“You’re on. Ten bucks,” said Pepper.

“Brady drops back to pass…looking, looking…he fires off to Welker, who makes the catch for 15 yards.”

Pepper held out her hand with a satisfied sigh. “Like taking candy from a baby.”

Clint scowled but dug the bill out of his jeans pocket. “It’ll be to Branch next. He and Brady have a connection,” he mumbled.

“Brady fires off to Branch. Completed! Branch jukes the defender and is off to the races! He’s at the 50, the 40, 30, 20, 10…touchdown!”

“Yes!” Pepper screamed as Natasha, Clint and Steve whooped.

“Jets are much cooler than patriots,” Tony proclaimed loudly. “They’re fast, sleek and much more exciting than a bunch of ragtag farmers toting muskets.”

“Ah, but these musket-toting patriots are so cool when the team scores and they fire off a volley,” Steve said as the crack of the muskets could be heard clearly over the TV. The men dressed as Revolutionary War soldiers were good at what they did as they fired in unison from the end zone.

“Bet they didn’t have pizza back then,” Pepper smirked.

Steve laughed as he ate his slice of tomato-and-olive pizza. “Yeah, I don’t think that was on the Colonial table.”

The first half seemed to speed by and when halftime arrived, everyone dispersed to use the bathroom and to stretch their legs. Tony went into the kitchen to replenish the beer and soda supply. A few minutes later Clint came in.

“Need some help?”

Tony was about to refuse, saying his bots could bring in the drinks but he decided against it. Bots were cool but you didn’t need them as much when you had flesh-and-blood friends.


Clint took out an armful of beer cans from the refrigerator. “Looks like somebody is gettin’ lucky tonight.”

“You mean our resident redheads?”

Clint laughed. “Besides them.”

“Who?” He knew Clint’s boyfriend Phil was in the hospital. “Bruce and Thor?”

“No, but Thor’s been hanging out in the lab lately. He’s fascinated by Midgardian science just as Bruce is by Asgardian magic.”

Tony shook his head. Who knew?

“But they’re not the lucky ones I’m talkin’ about.”

“But who’s left? Oh!”

Clint laughed. “Yeah, oh.”

Tony grinned. “Steve seems fine with certain things.”

“Yeah, I’d say you’ve got a real good chance.” Clint winked and sauntered out of the kitchen.

Tony closed the refrigerator and grinned.

& & & & & &

The second half went well for the Patriots’ supporters. Tony complained about the officiating, the Patriots’ homefield advantage, and anything else he could think of. Natasha smirked and declared that she should have bet with Tony on the game.


Natasha and Pepper laughed. Tony didn’t mind. Steve had sat down on the floor next to him on the couch for the second half. Everyone had taken their previous places.

Humans are so territorial.

He ate another slice of pizza and he had to admit that Tom Brady had a very nice ass, indeed.

“Brady is sacked! Ten-yard loss on the play.”

“I wouldn’t mind Brady in the sack,” smirked Natasha.

“He looks good on his back,” Steve agreed as Tony nearly choked on his beer.

The second half was not much better for the Jets rooters than the first. The New York offense was sputtering and unable to get out of its own way. The Patriots’ offense suffered a few three-and-outs but started to get crisp again.

“And the final score is 31-16, a convincing win for the New England Patriots.”

Tony made a rude gesture at the TV as Clint, Steve, and Pepper laughed while Natasha smirked.

“Do not be too despairing, Friend Tony,” said Thor. “When the Vikings play, we will root them on to victory!”

“You bet, big fella.”

Everyone helped clean up and then wandered off to bed as it was almost midnight.

Tony sighed as he told JARVIS to power down for the night. Steve was nowhere to be found. Had he misread the whole thing? Frowning, he headed for his bedroom, wondering if he should just go to his workshop instead.


He turned and saw a nervous Steve standing in the hall outside his room.

“Yeah, Cap?”

Steve smiled slightly. “I’m not Cap right now.”

“Sure you are. You’re always Cap, but I don’t mind.”

Steve came close and brushed his lips over Tony’s “I’m just Steve right now.” His eyes were very bright as he looked at Tony.

“That suits me just fine.” Tony kissed him, putting his arms around Steve’s back and pulling him close. Steve slipped his arms around Tony’s waist and returned the kiss. When they parted, Tony smiled. “My place or yours?”

Steve grinned. “Yours.”

Tony escorted Steve into his room and kissed him again as he shut the door behind him. He led Steve to the bed, the harbor lights twinkling below them through the glass windows. They fell onto the bed, hands roaming as their tongues explored each other’s mouths.

Before Tony realized what was happening, he was removing Steve’s shirt and caressing those incredibly broad shoulders. Steve’s skin was smooth, showing only light scars to mark old injuries. The serum would not allow severe scars, keeping Steve perfectly perfect. It seemed appropriate somehow. Tony lavished attention on Steve’s chest, running his palm down pecs and abs that sent him into fantasyland.

Oh, yeah, I can have fun with this body.

Tony licked Steve’s nipples, the super-soldier squirming. “Tony,” he breathed. Tony smiled as he continued his attentions, stroking Steve’s hip as he began to run his tongue down Steve’s stomach.

Steve shuddered, grabbing Tony’s T-shirt and pushing it up, revealing the arc reactor. Tony tensed but Steve gently traced his finger around it, a small smile on his lips. The blue glow of the reactor was reflected by clear blue eyes.

Tony smiled and pulled Steve’s pants down and resumed tasting him again, his hand caressing strong thighs, dancing around the impressive cock jutting up from Steve’s groin.

“Oh, my,” Tony purred, sliding his hand up-and-down hard flesh.


Tony grinned. He flicked his tongue out and licked Steve’s cock while Steve caressed his ribs, shifting his hips.

“Tony, please!”

Tony took Steve into his mouth, going slowly as the bulk needed to be eased in. Tony was pleased that he could take all of Steve, a testament to his skill and experience. Steve writhed beneath him, a beautiful sight. Tony gave it his best, his hands stroking that smooth flesh as he brought Steve to climax, Steve’s hips giving one final thrust.

For a few minutes Steve tried to catch his breath, finally opening his eyes to look at Tony. “That was…”

“…incredible, perfect, the best you’ve ever had?”

Steve laughed. “Yes, Mr. Modesty.” His hand brushed against Tony’s cock. “Looks like I need to return the favor.”

“You don’t have to…”

Steve tugged his partner’s pants down and freed Tony’s cock, rubbing his thumb along the hard column of flesh. Tony’s legs trembled, his hands digging into Steve’s shining hair as his lover angled his body to lean down and run his tongue around Tony’s cock.

Tony let out a moan as he watched Steve’s lush mouth begin to swallow his cock, sucking a bit awkwardly but able to take Tony’s length. Pleasure washed over Tony as he watched this beautiful man suck him off. He kept one hand on the back of Steve’s head as he ran the fingers of his other hand through his hair.

He could feel himself coming as the contrail from a jet plane arced high in the night sky between the glittering stars. He spurted into Steve’s mouth, the blond swallowing him down and Tony eased out. He caressed Steve’s face with a trembling hand.


Steve smiled, pushing himself up to kiss Tony. Tony could taste himself on Steve’s lips.

When the kiss ended, Tony said, “Looks like we both handled the balls with peak efficiency.”

Steve laughed and nuzzled his ear. “We’ll have to work on getting into the end zone.”

Tony smirked. “Yep, that’ll be some backfield in motion.”

They both laughed as they grabbed each other and fell back to the bed.

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