bradygirl_12 (bradygirl_12) wrote,

Kink Memes: A Joyous Creation!

Hi, luvs! Very bizzy today! It seems as if I've fallen into a pattern lately of doing all my pro writing first and then relaxing later in the day with fanfic writing/typing/reading. And I've been spending a ton of hours over on the avengerkink meme. Just reading the prompts alone is entertaining, though the fills are great fun, too, LOL! I've even left a handful over there myself. :)

I know there are DC kink memes, so if you have knowledge of any, let me know! I am totally immersed in Marvelverse for now but wouldn't mind slipping back over to DC for kinky good times! ;)
Tags: dc comics, fanfic, marvel comics, meme, pimp, profic, rec, the avengers, writing
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