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Playoff Fever!

Well, Tom and the boys knocked off the New York Jets today, 37-16! We are still in the tournament, baby! :) It's going to be a tough game out in San Diego next week, but I am confident in this team. Tom Brady is the best quarterback in the game and the team around him has the right stuff. Gillette Stadium was rockin' and rollin'!

I remember when my brother-in-law and I went to the Ice Bowl at Gillette three years ago for a playoff game. It was a night game in January, when we were having actual January weather, not the kind like yesterday at 70 degrees! Anyway, the Ice Bowl was a nice, neat zero degrees and with wind chill, it reached at least 10 below. Everyone looked like the Michelin Man as we waddled around in layers of clothing and hauled quilts and put hand and foot-warmers in our gloves and boots. I wore two pairs of pants, two pairs of socks, thick gloves, boots, two shirts, my coat, and my Brady jersey *over* the coat. My head was covered with a woolen cap and I wore two scarves, one to wrap around my throat and one to cover my nose and mouth if I needed it. I gave Rick the twenty-five cent tour as everyone was pretty much boozing it up out in the parking lots. The stadium was sparse of people, so he got a good tour. We walked up to our seats by the lighthouse and eventually people started coming in. One of the funniest moments was watching guys trying to drink beer out of the bottles and finding out they were half-frozen after a few sips! ;)

The game itself was great. It was hard-fought with the Tennessee Titans and Tom and Company were superb. Our Hall of Fame quarterback got the job done, and so did our Hall of Fame kicker. He kicked the winning field goal. The football must have been like a rock! I was comfortable for the whole game and cheered my throat raw. We had to scream because when we applauded, our gloves muffled the sound! Whenever the Patriots scored a TD or FG, we did the Touchdown Dance to the strains of Gary Glitter's Rock 'N' Roll Part II. It was the best football game I've ever attended. Great memories!
Tags: ice bowl, new england patriots, tom brady
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