bradygirl_12 (bradygirl_12) wrote,

Are Those Avengers Muses Simmering?

Hey, flist! I know most of you are DC fen but I have to ask: are you planning on writing or drawing or iconizing or manipping (etc.) anything to do with The Avengers movie? I know some of you have *waves* but what are some of your projects that you plan to do? Fabulous fic or dazzling drawings? Long series or quick one-shots? Steve/Tony sizzle or Natasha/Pepper fire? ;) Planning on signing up for the marvel_bang or any other Marvelous Big Bang or Challenge?

Speaking of Big Bangs, have you signed up for any recently, Marvel or otherwise? :)
Tags: big bang, challenge, dc comics, fanart, fanfic, flist, icons, manips, marvel comics, movies, question, the avengers
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