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Fic: Emerald Dust (4/4)

Title: Emerald Dust (4/4)
Author: BradyGirl
Pairings/Characters: (this chapter): Clark/Lex, Martha Kent, Chloe Sullivan
Categories: Drama, Fix-It
Rating (this chapter): PG-13
Warnings: None
Spoilers: "Nemesis" (Season 6)
General Summary: Being trapped in a cave-in brings out certain hidden truths for Clark and Lex.
Summary: Lex, Martha, and Chloe bring Clark home.
Date Of Completion: September 2, 2007
Date Of Posting: September 9, 2007
Disclaimer: I don’t own ‘em, DC and Warner Brothers do, more’s the pity.
Word Count: 1470
Feedback welcome and appreciated.
Author’s Note: I used the episode, "Nemesis" as the jumping-off point for this story. It follows the aired script for the beginning scenes, slightly changing how Clark and Lex meet up, and veers off from there. All chapters can be found here.
I fudged a little by allowing Lionel to get out of the hospital a lot quicker than he should have, and I didn’t give an explanation for the Lexana pregnancy as the show hasn’t yet. 





Lex had offered to drive Martha to the hospital and she had accepted though of course she was perfectly capable of driving herself.  She was a remarkable woman, however, and she seemed more than willing to let Lex come along to the hospital.


The ride was quiet, the radio playing jazz, but the silence wasn’t uncomfortable.  Lex had always felt welcomed by Martha, unlike Jonathan who distrusted him because of his Luthor name and wealth, and he hoped he could win back her trust completely.


The silence was broken when Martha said, “Lex.”


He glanced at her. “Yes?”


“My son never gives up on someone once he loves them, but he can be hurt very badly because of that.”


Lex felt butterflies in his stomach. “I know.” He gripped the wheel harder. “Why he chose me, I don’t know, but I love him, Mrs. Kent.  And I hope to be worthy of him someday.”


Martha said nothing further, but Lex sensed she was satisfied with that answer, at least for now.  


At the hospital they were happy to discover that Clark was being discharged.  In his room, Lex helped Clark off the bed where he had been waiting for them, and he and Martha assisted Clark into the wheelchair.  Lex pushed the chair while Martha walked beside them.


Clark was pale and tired, but he was smiling.  He knew he was going to get better very soon.


Lex had thought about Clark’s mention of the sunlight.  So his healing power came from the sun.  Did his powers as well?  The scientist in him was itching to find out.


Clark lifted his face to the sun and drank in.


“Hey, Clark!”


Chloe walked up.


“Hey, Chloe.”


She smiled at Martha and coolly acknowledged Lex. “Ready to get sprung, eh?”




“Good.  I’ll follow in my car.  I’ve got a few Welcome Home goodies for you.”




Clark was safely ensconced in the back seat of Lex’s car as Martha settled into the front next to Lex.  He drove carefully, Clark finally saying in an amused tone, “Lex, we want to get home before sunset.”


“Hey, you’re always the one saying I should drive slower.”


“You should,” Martha said firmly, “but Clark is right.  I think we can step on the gas a little.”


Lex sighed as the Kents exchanged smiles, and he speeded up.


At the farm, Chloe said as she got out of the car, “Glad you hopped it up there, Lex.  I was ready to get out and walk.”


There was a flurry of activity as Clark was helped inside, Chloe presented a deli platter of Clark’s favorite foods from Maury’s in town, and she and Martha set about preparing lunch while Lex was forced to take a phone call.  When he was finished with Lexcorp business, he realized that Clark wasn’t in the house. 


He found him sitting outside on a lounge chair, soaking up the sun.  He was already looking better, his skin starting to take on his characteristic burnished glow.


“So you heal in the sun?”


Clark opened his eyes and looked up at Lex. “Yes.”


Lex sat on the picnic table bench. “Your powers…”


“…come from the sun, too.”


He’d been right, then. “May I ask what your powers are, specifically?”


Clark rattled off a long and amazing list.  Stunned, Lex said, “Um, well…” He shifted. “How are your ribs?”


“Healing nicely.” Clark cocked his head. “Lex, did you speak to Lana?”


Lex sighed. “I did.  She’s very hurt, Clark.”


“I’ll have to talk to her.”


“Clark, I have more to tell you.”


Clark listened as he told him about the pregnancy, the fake miscarriage, and finally, the end of Dr. Langston.


Sadness shadowed green eyes, but Clark asked, “Did you mean to kill him, Lex?”


Lex didn’t look away.  He twisted his fingers. “While I was hitting him, for a moment, I did.  I was consumed by fear and rage, something I’d been feeling since Zod.  But then I realized what the hell I was doing and backed off.  He fell, and hit his head.” Lex felt his body shiver slightly. “Dad found the body and covered it up.  Said he died in an auto accident.”


Clark said nothing, Lex holding his breath as he stilled his fingers, gripping tightly.


“Anything else?”


Lex told him everything about 33.1, including Wes Keenan and his wife Jodi seeking her husband so desperately that she had rigged the tunnels that had almost killed them both.


Clark absorbed everything, then said, “Lex, I love you.  From what you’ve said, Zod’s possession triggered a lot of what happened.”


“That doesn’t excuse me…”


“…not completely, no, but in the tunnels, I saw the man I loved just a few years ago.  And I know you have good in you, Lex.  I couldn’t love you so completely if I didn’t.” He took a deep breath. “I forgive you for everything you’ve done, but I can’t…please don’t do anything like this again.”


My second chance isn’t slipping away!


“What if I can’t promise I won’t backslide?”


“Will you be experimenting on people in the future?”




“Will you be doing any of the things you’ve confessed to?”


“No,” he whispered.


“Then I think we’ll be fine.”


Lex wanted to believe that so badly.


“Clark, my father knows everything.”


“About us?”


“About your powers.”


“I know.” Clark clasped his hands over his stomach. “He’s been a vessel for Jor-El.  Writing in Kryptonian.  Knowing about the invasion.”


“Were you sent here to rule over us?”


Clark looked away for a second, then returned his gaze to Lex. “Yes.  But I’ve broken the AI’s programming on that and now I’m learning Kryptonian knowledge to help people here on Earth, not rule them.”




“It’s in the Fortress of Solitude, in the Arctic.”


Kryptonian knowledge!  Excitement shone in Lex’s eyes.


Clark laughed. “I’ll be bringing you there soon.” His smile faded. “Lex, I’ve told you everything.  It’s as if I handed you Kryptonite and told you to keep it to use against me in the future if necessary.”




“The meteor rock.” Clark rubbed his eyes. “You could destroy me now, even more completely than you could before.” He looked at Lex, his heart on his sleeve. “You wouldn’t just kill me physically.”


Lex took a deep breath. “I won’t betray you, Clark.”


“I don’t want you to feel as if you have to be a Boy Scout or you’ll be out on your ear.”


“The Boy Scout is your territory.”


Clark smiled.


Lex stood and sat on the lounge chair next to Clark.  He took his hand, feeling the slightly- warmer-than-normal heat of the smooth skin. “Clark, I swear to you, I will never betray you.  And if I feel that darkness come upon me again, I’ll tell you.  I can’t fight it without you.  The best part of me was the first three years of our friendship.” He bit his lip. “Can we get that feeling of easy friendship back?”


Clark looked thoughtful. “Maybe not completely, since so much has happened since, but maybe we can still have some of that.  And build something new on that foundation.” Clark gently squeezed his hand. “I need you, Lex.”


Lex scoffed. “You need me!  I’m the one who needs your light to chase away my darkness, to connect me to my humanity, ironic as that is.”


“And you help me feel complete.  I’ve fit in pretty well here in Smallville growing up over the years.  It’s the only home I’ve ever known.  I love it here.  But of course I’ve always been apart, too.  Mom and Dad’s love helped me grow through childhood, and I’ve had friends like Pete and Chloe.  Loving them was easy.”


He stared off up at a cloud. “Lana was never easy.  Maybe my romances aren’t going to be as easy as my friendships.  But maybe I also need someone who doesn’t quite fit into the normal scheme of things to be my soulmate.” He looked at Lex.


Awe flooded through Lex. “Careful, Clark, your soul could get corroded if it touches mine.”


“Maybe, but I don’t think so.”


Clark’s eyes were sparkling-green now, and his skin was healthy and glowing, his bruises and cuts fading.  He looked beautiful, like a god fallen from the stars.


Which, in some ways, he is.


Lex didn’t deserve this.  Not after what he’d done.  Not after all the pain he caused.


Not deserved, but needed.


“Clark, you might have to help me clean up a lot of messes…”


“I know.” Clark’s smile was blinding. “Together, we’ll face all our past mistakes, and we’ll go forward.”


“Clark!  Lex!  Lunch!” Martha called from the back door.


Lex stood and reached a hand down.


Clark took it and stood.


Together, they walked toward the house. 




Tags: clark kent/lex luthor, clex, emerald dust, martha kent, superman/lex luthor
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