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Week 1: Patriots 38, Jets 14 (1-0) (September 9, 2007)

Week 1: New England Patriots 38, New York Jets 14 (1-0) (September 9, 2007)

*happy dance*

The Patriots were in fine form today! They beat the Jets, 38-14, and dominated for most of the game.

Brady-to-Moss will be words we’ll be hearing a lot this season. Both men make it look so easy! :) Tom Brady has never had a receiver with Randy Moss’ talent before, and he knows how to make the best of having him on the field!

Ellis Hobbs scored a special teams touchdown, a 108-yard run, the most yardage for a touchdown ever in the history of the NFL! :)

The defense wasn’t perfect but essentially stopped the run and made some good defensive stands against the pass.

Wes Welker is a slot receiver who will catch a lot of balls this season. He scored the first Patriots’ touchdown of the season, and he will rack up YAC (yards-after-catch)! :)

The offense chewed up the clock in the second half with a drive that was at least ten minutes and made it impossible for the Jets to mount any kind of a comeback.

A very good start to the season! Beating a division rival is always a good thing, and especially the Jets! ;)

In the post-game press conference, Tom Brady looked absolutely scrumptious!

Oh, and Tom has been modeling again. This time it’s for V-Man, a glossy magazine, and one of the pix has him in a wet T-shirt! ;)
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