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Yep, me again! I guess I'm just depressed about being this sick (almost passed out a little while ago) and over not being able to finish my book chapter and losing all my extra icons next month and my paid account next fall because even if LJ mucks up as long as I'm here I'd like having that stuff. I can't believe how I'm at 99.6 now. Feels like it! I forgot to wish everyone a Merry Beltane so Merry Beltane and if I can drag myself out of bed tomorrow, I'll be on-line. I'm pretty tired. I think I'll check on a few things and crawl back upstairs. See ya!

Dizzy again! You know how no matter how old you are you want you mom and dad when you're sick? Mom's anniversary of her passing is later this month so I've been sad about that. Just came all at once! I miss Dad, too. :(

My mood icon says it all. :(
Tags: family, icons, lj, love, rl, under-the-weather
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