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Notice: Rainbow's Freedom (Rainbow Prisms Arc) Is Now Uploaded At A03 & Other Things

Thank you, Allison, for sending the DVD! I LOVE the classic Superman cartoons. And you're right, the rest are odd but fun! ;)

The Rainbow's Freedom (Rainbow Prisms Arc) is now uploaded to A03. I'll probably wait a few days to start posting the final arc, which will be easier since I plan on posting to LJ first and then to the Archive. Whew! The word count for the eight arcs so far is 384,311. We'll see what the final word count is down the line.

I was up half the night sick. I'm still queasy today and have the chills. I put the heat on last night because it's cold again here. No Skinny Cow ice cream for me today! :) My poor tummy. It's off, and my gums are sore, too. Dizzy and a little faint. Looks like I'll be drinking my meals today. *sadface*

I'm sitting here wrapped in quilts while writing today's novel chapter. *shivers some more*

I think I might just read later.
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