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Need Computer Help!

Hi, guys! Sometimes I think the universe hates me. I sat down to open my manuscript and got a message saying "The document name or path is not valid" which means I can't access the file! I didn't do anything to it that was anything different, believe me. Luckily I can open it in Word Pad (This is Microsoft Office 2000 we're talking about for the missing file) and will have to re-type all my changes for the last week. *sighs*

Is there any way to recover the original file? It was fine just this afternoon! I did a search for the file but I just get the same message. Is it hiding somewhere or is it truly gone?

It also said to "Check the file permissions for document or drive" or use the File Open dialog box. I used the dialog box but got the same message when trying to open the file. What does check the file permissions mean?
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