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Dark_Fest Amnesty Begins!

Hi, luvs! Eep, I have a week left before my manuscript is due after the Big Edit. ;) I might be finished early but right now am pulling my hair out over a handful of chapters. I might need to do some intense work on it the next few days.

Right now dark_fest has officially concluded but it's the amnesty period! So if you'd like to write something dark and saw a prompt that fit but didn't have time or missed the sign-up, check out the details here. There was some fantastic DCU fic this year! :) You can find the fandom by clicking on the tag on the sidebar.

I'd like to pimp history_bigbang, too. Some outstanding stuff over there! I hope that the mod goes ahead with it again next year. :)

As long as I'm pimping, clexmas has started its Spring Fling. For all you Clex fans, check out the details here.

Did I miss anything? Probably, so if I think of it, I'll pimp again! ;)
Tags: big bang, clark kent/lex luthor, clex, clexmas, dark_fest, fanfic, fest, history, pimp, profic, rec, spring, superman/lex luthor, writing
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