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The Joys Of Editing & Other Stuff

Hi, guys! It's been crazy around here lately, including the profic side of things. :) I've been doing a major edit of the manuscript for ForbiddenFiction for the past few weeks and finally am seeing some light at the end of the tunnel, at least for this go-round. I'm so energized with my writing lately! And that includes fanfic, though most of my stuff is pretty much already written and just needs revising/typing/posting. You'll be seeing more of that as time marches on.

Rainbow's Freedom fans, you'll see a steady posting of the remainder of the final arc, and for those following The Princess And The Pilot VII: From The Sky, more of that, too! ;)

Ah, the joys of editing! I'm used to editing fanfic, my own and others', but there's something about a pro manuscript that requires even more attention to detail. Good thing I have so much experience from my years of writing fanfic! The Big Bangs were a big help as I learned that I could write boatloads of words in a tight timeframe instead of at my own pace. I'll need that experience!

I'll be blogging over at FFP, too, under my pen name of Jeannie O'Reilly, and the new site will hopefully be on-line soon. Right now it's kind of a beta site as they work behind the scenes to re-design things and get new features installed. Some pretty cool stuff available over there already! :)

I like the fannish mindset of what they're looking for: erotica with PLOT!!! :)

Happy Patriots' Day! The Boston Marathon is over and so is the Red Sox-Rays game. Sadly, the Sox lost but the Kenyans won both men's and women's races. No surprise there! :)
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