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Fic: Emerald Dust (3/4)

Title: Emerald Dust (3/4)
Author: BradyGirl
Pairings/Characters: (this chapter): Clark/Lex, Lionel Luthor, Lana Lang
Categories: Drama, Fix-It
Rating (this chapter): PG-13
Warnings: None
Spoilers: "Nemesis" (Season 6)
General Summary: Being trapped in a cave-in brings out certain hidden truths for Clark and Lex.
Summary: Lex begins the long process of making things right, but two visitors to his study don’t make it easy.
Date Of Completion: September 2, 2007
Date Of Posting: September 8, 2007
Disclaimer: I don’t own ‘em, DC and Warner Brothers do, more’s the pity.
Word Count: 1355
Feedback welcome and appreciated.
Author’s Note: I used the episode, "Nemesis" as the jumping-off point for this story. It follows the aired script for the beginning scenes, slightly changing how Clark and Lex meet up, and veers off from there. All chapters can be found here.
I fudged a little by allowing Lionel to get out of the hospital a lot quicker than he should have, and I didn’t give an explanation for the Lexana pregnancy as the show hasn’t yet. 





Lex drove slowly for once, trying to process everything in his mind, and finally gave up.  He reached the mansion, showered, and changed into fresh clothes.  There was still no sign of Lana.


He went into the study and picked up the phone.


“Yes, you heard me correctly, Rawlins.  I want the project shut down.  The entire project.  I don’t have to give any reasons, just do it.” Lex frowned impatiently as he paced back and forth behind his desk. “Give the…patients…the drug we developed.  Yes, the memory loss drug.  That will assure they won’t remember their time with us.” Not the most ethical thing to do, but he wasn’t about to let dozens of people with special powers loose and with revenge against him on their minds.  He deserved it, but Clark would put himself in the line of fire to protect him, and Lex was having none of that.


“What?” Stunned, he repeated, “Wes Keenan is dead?” So his wife Jodi had died in the tunnels, a victim of her own revenge, and now her husband was dead. “An autopsy?” He considered.  It would be useful to know why he had died but suddenly he didn’t want to know, or gather information, or anything.  He had helped to destroy two lives and now he only wanted the souls to rest in peace. “No, no autopsy.” He paused, then repeated, “The records?” Lex considered.  Clark had assured him there would be no invasion, but there could be other attacks if not from Krypton. “Store them in at the Alpha facility.  As for our bases around the world, put that so-called Justice League out of business and shut them all down.  Yes, immediately.  I’ll call you tomorrow and expect significant progress.  Goodbye.”


Lex flipped the phone shut, then froze as a familiar voice said, “You’re shutting down 33.1?”


Lex looked at this father, who strode in with fury in every step, a remarkable accomplishment considering his beat-up condition from the tunnel collapse, not to mention surgery. “Yes, Dad.  Completely.”




Lex shrugged. “I’m out of the experimentation business.  At least when it comes to people.”


“Since when?”


“Since now.”


Lionel’s mind was trying to fathom this turn of events. “I drag myself out of my sickbed to come home to hear this?”


“You should lie down and rest, Dad.  You do look a little peaked.”


Lionel swore. “I sent Clark down there to find you by telling him you were the only one who could stop the project, but I didn’t think you’d actually do it!”


For a moment, Lex felt pain.  Was that the only reason why Clark had come looking for him?


No, that was only part of the reason.  Clark may have changed in some things in the past few years, but he still can’t manipulate worth a damn.  And he’s not manipulating me now.


“Thanks for sending him, Dad.  Nice of you to take care of your eldest son.”


Lionel snorted. “And now you’ve become some ethical type all of a sudden, just like when you first got here…” Comprehension dawned in Lionel’s brown eyes. “Clark has forgiven you?”


“Not yet, Dad, but I’m working on it.” He already loves me, so maybe I can get his forgiveness, too.


“Oh, for…give it up, Lex!  You’ll do something underhanded and stupid and he’ll dump you again.  Besides, haven’t you forgotten the little matter of being married to Lana?”


“I’ll take care of everything, Dad.  Don’t you worry.”


Lionel shrewdly studied his son. “What do you think Clark will say when he finds out that you killed Lana’s obstetrician?”


Lex’s blood ran cold.  He knew he could lose everything.  He squared his shoulders. “So, should I expect a visit from the Smallville sheriff any time soon?”


Lionel’s smile was predatory. “Why bother?  Clark will be properly horrified all by himself.”


Lex went over to the bar and poured himself some scotch. “You never change, Dad.  But that’s okay.  I always know what to expect.” Most of the time. 


“Don’t think your pretty boy will forgive you for that.”


“Maybe not.” Lex took a sip, the liquor burning down his throat. “But I’ve already told him nearly everything.  I’ll just add that to the list.” He turned to see Lionel smirk and shake his head.


“Lex, Lex, Lex.  When will you learn?  Clark is too good for you.  He has a high moral code, a standard you simply can’t live up to.”


“I know, Dad.  You made sure of that, the way you raised me.  But it’s going to be a lot of fun to try.”


Lionel didn’t like that.  Lex could read his eyes.  He was planning to pull out a trump card.


“So what happens now?  Killing 33.1 leaves us vulnerable to invasion again.”


Lex judged his father’s expression.  There…that flicker in his eyes…he did know about Clark!  All right…


 “Clark has assured me that there will be no further invasions, Dad.”


Lionel realized what Lex had just revealed.  No more trump card.  Or was Lex mistaken?


“And how does he know that?”


“Because he’s one of them.  Though not really.”


Lionel whistled through his teeth.  He walked carefully to a chair and sat down.  He really did look a little shaky, but then, he had had surgery just hours ago.  Lex had to admire his old man’s grit.


“I thought that Zod possessing you drove you on with the project, Lex.  You know how dangerous he was.  What makes you think he won’t try again, or some other Kryptonian?”


“I told you, Clark said…”


“Did you know that his father Jor-El sent him here to Earth to rule over us?”


Lex paused in the act of lifting his glass. “And?”


“Well, can you completely trust Clark’s pronouncements on Kryptonian invasions?”


Lex tried to clamp down on the tendril of fear twisting through him.  He had felt that fear in one form or another ever since Zod had possessed him.  The darkness inside him, the rage, had taken him over since then but Clark had driven it out.  He was certain of that.


“I’m going to make a wild guess here and say that Clark turned down those plans to set him up as King of the World.”


Lionel shook his head. “Lex…”


“You really are a chameleon, Dad.  First you talk about Clark’s high standards and how I can’t live up to them, and then you imply he’s an alien invader to try and scare me off.  Which is it?  Boy Scout or Julius Caesar?”


Lionel smiled, a genuine smile this time. “Enjoy your time, Lex.  Because it won’t last.”


Lionel struggled for a moment to get out of the chair, then he walked out, Lex putting his glass down.


He was trying to rein in his emotions when he saw Lana suddenly appear in the doorway.


“Lana, where have you been?  I…”


Lana walked in, her brown eyes roiling with emotion. “You love Clark?”


Swallowing, Lex said, “I do.”


“And he loves you?”


Deep breath. “He does.”


She stood, still as a marble statue.  Her beauty was glacial in this instance. “Clark is an alien?”


“He is.”


Sorry, Clark, but she heard everything.  Damnit!  Some protector of the Secret I am!


Lana crossed her arms. “That explains a lot.”


“We used you, Lana, and we’re sorry for that, but it wasn’t intentional.  Neither one of us wanted to hurt you.”


“Why did you fake the pregnancy, Lex?”


Another thing on the list to tell Clark.


Lex spoke, and he let all his transgressions against her tumbled out.  He watched her face, the exquisite cheekbones barely twitching, her eyes cold and forbidding.  Finally, he stopped talking and Lana said, “I want a divorce.”


“You’ll have one.”


“And a extremely generous settlement.” She paused. “At the very least, for the pain and suffering you put me through over the baby.  I want to be free of you, and a fortune will help me achieve that.” Her voice was contemptuous. “God help Clark.”


Sadly, he had to agree.


She turned on her heel and left him alone in the study.












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