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Lots Of Good Things!!!

Hi, luvs! Get ready next week for a BUNCH of Fest and Big Bang posts from me. I know, I said this already but I'm getting things squared away for the special posts. My history_bigbang story has some FANTASTIC artwork by mella68, so I hope you'll take a look! :)

I'm excited that dark_fest posting begins next week! Not only will I be posting my two masterpieces (ha, ha!) but I'm eager to see how many of my prompts that were claimed get filled. I was really inspired! ;)

Quickie note: queer_fest is open for claiming so get on over there and take a look! I finally claimed one and it's already started in my notebook. I still have time before April 2nd to claim another if I decide to go ahead.
Tags: big bang, bradygirl_12 is craaazeee!!!, dark_fest, fanart, fanfic, fest, gay, history, pimp, queer_fest, writing
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