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Fic: The Princess And The Pilot VII: From The Sky (1/8)

Title: The Princess And The Pilot VII: From The Sky (1/8)
Author: BradyGirl_12
Pairings/Characters (this chapter): Steve/Diana, Queen Hippolyta, Hestia, Mala
Series Notes: I’ve collected all my Steve/Diana stories that take place early in their relationship under the title The Princess And The Pilot. The entire series can be found here.
Genres: Challenge, Drama, First Time, Romance
Rating (this chapter): PG-13
Claim: For the dcu_freeforall Challenge (Diana/Steve)
Prompt: T 14; P 6: Love At First Sight
Prompt Count: (15/15)
Warnings: None
Spoilers: None
General Summary: Destiny is met as it is love at first sight for Steve and Diana.
Chapter Summary: Diana is feeling restless lately.
Date Of Completion: January 20, 2012
Date Of Posting: March 26, 2012
Disclaimer: I don’t own ‘em, DC does, more’s the pity.
Word Count: 1540
Feedback welcome and appreciated.
Author’s Note: Written for my 2012 DCU Fic/Art Angels Challenge. Prompts: Angel (Term Of Endearment), Fallen Angel.



Waking up in Paradise
Is a beautiful thing.

Jewel Gold
"Paradise And Other Poems"
1959 C.E.

Diana awoke, stretching luxuriously on her bed of silk and gossamer. Long, dark hair fanned out on her pillow.

The sound of the ocean splashed outside her window, the eternal rhythm soothing and familiar. A blue-plumed bird cawed as it swooped by, sunlight streaming in through the window. Laughter drifted over from the gardens as Amazons cut flowers for the Queen’s breakfast table.

It was a glorious morning in Paradise.

Diana smiled as she got out of bed and performed her morning ablutions, bathing in the seashell-shaped sunken tub in her bath chamber. She used lemon-scented soap and shampoo, the water sparkling as she caressed her skin with the soap. The play of light on the water reflected off the pink marble walls.

When she was finished, she rose like Aphrodite from the sea, gloriously nude and an Amazon in the full bloom of her powers and health. She dried off and dressed in a white silk chiton, putting on a heavy gold necklace. She laced up gold sandals, the strips of fabric crisscrossing her legs up to her knees. She picked up the tortoiseshell comb from her teakwood dresser and combed her raven tresses, inserting a gold clip in her hair.

She left her room and smiled at her fellow Amazons as she headed to the dining room.

The halls of the Palace were bright and cheerful, adorned with Amazon-created paintings and sculptures. Artistic endeavors were always encouraged. The Amazons wrote novels, plays, and short stories while interpreting dance and other arts. The ways of the Warrior were necessary, but also poets, songstresses, and other creative types.

Diana enjoyed writing in all its forms. She was currently writing a novel and a play and was already busy casting the parts in her head for the latter. She was also working on a sculpture that she hoped to unveil at the Art Show next month.

“Good morning, Mother,” she said as she breezed into the dining room.

As always, Queen Hippolyta was perfectly-coiffed and dressed, her long white chiton accented by a gold necklace and earrings. Her golden crown glittered with diamonds, her blond hair piled high atop her head. Blue eyes as clear as the sky sparkled as she said, “Good morning, Daughter.”

Diana took her customary seat at the table, shaking out her linen napkin. She took a fresh juicy mango from a golden bowl and cut it into slices as one of the servants poured orange juice into their glasses.

“What are your plans for the day?” Hippolyta asked as she drank her juice.

“Oh, swimming down at the beach, followed by sparring with Artemis, and then writing in the afternoon.”

“Are you still working with Paula on the Purple Healing Ray?”

“Yes. We are making excellent progress.” Diana vanished cutting up the mango and picked up her fork and began eating. The sweetness of the mango was a true Nectar of the Gods.

“I am pleased to her it.” Hippolyta poured honey on a piece of bread. “I shall be meeting with the Council all morning. Will I see you for the midday meal?”

“I should be able to meet you.”

Hippolyta smiled. “Good.” A knock on the archway announced one of her ministers’ arrival.

“Good morning, Hestia.”

The older woman smiled, her brown hair neatly tied back with a white ribbon. Her chiton was long and flowing but she was the epitome of efficiency.

Diana listened to the affairs of state being discussed. She continued to eat her breakfast, stifling a sigh. As her mother and Hestia discussed matters of state, Diana realized that the restless feeling she had been experiencing lately was still with her. Her usual feeling of contentment had seemingly deserted her.

She quietly finished breakfast and just as quietly left the dining room, walking down the marble halls. Tomorrow she would have an academic lesson with Minerva and more physical sparring, this time with Medea.

As Diana entered the gardens, she reflected on this strange feeling. She bent down to inhale the fragrance of a purple flower, the gardens laid out in neat, orderly enclosures, yet the flowers managed to spill over in profusion.

As she walked down the stone steps to the beach, she felt dismay. She had the finest life of beauty and peace here on Paradise Island, filled with art and conversation and leisure. She wanted for nothing…except for new experiences.

Everything that she was doing today were things that she had done dozens, maybe hundreds, of times before. How did her Sisters stand it for centuries? Training for battles that never came, writing and dancing and acting for the same people who knew all your tricks and twists, loving each other but changing partners frequently because centuries-old romances held few surprises.

As Diana reached the bottom of the steps, she admitted that the last item was a good one. If you lived for centuries, it was good to have the chance to spice things up. She waved to Mala, who was waiting for her at the water’s edge.

Her own romances had been brief but pleasurable. She had had good teachers like Artemis and Medea, and there were other opportunities. She smiled at Mala, a former lover, too.

The blond smiled back, happy to see her friend. “Hola, Princess! Ready for a race?”

“Always, Mala.” Diana tied her golden belt tighter. “To the rocks?”


They lined up next to each other and took off, pounding down the length of the sand toward the outcropping of rocks.

Hair streaming out behind her, Diana flew like the wind. She loved to run and as Mala began to pull away, Diana passed her in a burst of speed and reached the rocks first with barely needing to catch her breath.

“You are as swift as Hermes, Princess!” Mala stretched after briefly putting her hands on her knees.

“Thank you, Mala.” Diana’s smile faded as she gazed absentmindedly toward the ocean. Sunlight glinted off the blue water, creating strings of diamonds on sapphire.



“What troubles you so?”

Diana sighed. “I just feel…I…” Diana’s right hand curled into a fist, then unclenched. “I am just feeling restless.”

“Ah.” Mala nodded sagely. “We all feel that way at times.”

“How do you combat it? How do you not yearn to experience what is out there?” She waved her hand vaguely toward the horizon.

“We have knowledge of the outside world.”

“Through books and the old stories told around campfires.”

Mala smiled ruefully. “I know. But we were brought here for a purpose after the Bondage Times.”

Diana’s smile was just as rueful. “I know. I apologize.”

Mala shook her had. “No need. One thing we must fight here on occasion is boredom. The curse of immortality, I fear.”

Diana nodded thoughtfully. “Ready for a swim?”

Mala grinned. “Absolutely.”

The two women began unlacing their sandals when Diana noticed a plane in the sky. Though the pilot was unable to see Paradise Island, the Amazons could see the machine. They watched as the jet grew closer, the sunlight glinting off the silver wings. A white star was painted on the wings and fuselage. Diana admired the grace of the machine and the skill of the pilot flying it.

Suddenly the jet began to shudder, its white contrail turning black as it jerked and spasmed wildly. Heart in her throat, Diana watched in horror as flames spewed out of the tail and the jet crashed into the sea.

“We must save the pilot!” Diana shouted. She dove into the waves and swam with powerful strokes toward the burning wreckage. Mala followed quickly.

As Diana came closer to the wreckage, she was momentarily blinded by the bright sunlight glinting off the silver fuselage. Blinking rapidly, she cleared her vision and saw a splash of sunlight on silver.

Blond hair! Must be the pilot.

As she swam closer she realized with a little shock that it was a man draped over one of the wings. She had automatically thought that it would be a woman, forgetting that the plane was not from Paradise Island but from Man’s World, where the chances were heavily in favor of a male pilot.

He was fair of face, bright blond hair framing beauty that she would not have believed of a man. She briefly touched his hair in wonder, then swam around to check for broken bones or other injuries.

Mala swam up to the wingtip. “Is he still alive?”

Diana laid a finger against his neck. “There is a pulse.” She frowned. “He might have a broken rib.”

“We will have to take care with him.”

“Yes.” Diana gently removed the pilot and floated the man over the waves.

“His nametag says, ‘Trevor’, “ Mala said.

“A good, strong name.” Diana began to swim toward shore with the pilot in tow.

“Diana, wait!”

Impatiently, Diana asked, “What is it?”

“You cannot bring him to the main island. You would be breaking Aphrodite’s Law.”

Diana grimaced. “You are right.” Her eyes lit up. “Paula’s island.”

Mala nodded and they swam off toward Science Island with their precious burden.

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