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'Twas A Grand Day!

Hi, luvs! I hope you had a grand St. Patrick's Day yesterday and are still in the spirit today. ;)

What a beautiful day 'tis! Bright and sunny here, though a wee bit cold. Last night the pub was a'hoppin', and with all the libations was fine food. Yes, Irish food! ;) A fine roast beef with baby red bliss smashed potatoes and carrots, with a wee bit o' onion, dontcha know? And, to top it off, a grand piece of lemon pie with the fluffiest meringue! So 'twas a fillin' evenin', and when I came home later I played back the episodes of The Green Hornet I'd taped. My, that Van Williams had lovely eyes, 'specially when framed by that green mask! And Bruce Lee had moves as Kato like no other!

Tonight will be a quiet one, maybe some TV watchin'. Oh, and hpstrangelove? Me DVD of the Oscars came out amazin'! I'll be postin' some thoughts on that soon. Thank ye, and your little fic will be posted soon. :)
Tags: food, holiday, oscar night!!!, st. patrick's day, tv
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