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Fic: Rainbow's Freedom (Shadow Of The Bat Arc) (10/35)

Title: Rainbow’s Freedom (Shadow Of The Bat Arc) (10/35)
Author: BradyGirl
Pairings/Characters: (this chapter): Clark/Bruce, Alfred, Lex Luthor, Ollie Queen, Hal/Steve
Series Notes: In the 23rd century, Earth is a technologically-advanced society that practices the ancient institution of slavery. The wealthy freeman Bruce Wayne acquires a highly-prized pleasure slave whom has fallen in love with him…but can the Prince of Gotham ever return that love? And will it all be moot as a weak abolitionist movement slowly gathers strength while the Galactic Empire remains in a perpetual state of Cold War? The entire series can be found here.
Categories: Drama, AU
Rating: (this chapter): NC-17
Warnings: None
Spoilers: None
Summary: As Halloween Week gears up, there’s private partying at the Manor.
Date Of Completion (First Draft): April 21, 2007
Date Of Posting: September 5, 2007
Disclaimer: I don’t own ‘em, DC does, more’s the pity.
Word Count: 2442
Feedback welcome and appreciated.
Author’s Note: By the way, blame jen_in_japan for the newest pairing in this chapter. She was the one who put the thought in my head! ;) 

Silver and gold

Never gets old.


Moonlight becomes you.


Janice Greenleaf Whittier

“Nature’s Gold And Other Poems”

2007 C.E.






Clark sat down, glad to rest after a busy evening. He and Alfred still had to clean up but even the butler was hungry now.  They sat companionably at the kitchen table while Bruce, Lex, and Ollie sat in the library with after-dinner drinks and Hal and Steve walked around outside.


“They really enjoyed your chocolate cake.”


“Well, of course.  It’s world-class.”


Clark laughed as he took a bite of chicken.


“Will Master Bruce be requiring you to accompany him to the meeting tomorrow?”


“He didn’t say anything.”


“Well, he still might.  Mmm, the potatoes are especially good, if I do say so myself.”


Clark chuckled and looked around as the door to the outside opened.  Hal and Steve tumbled in, laughing and joking as they quickly shut the door against the night cold.  Steve held out his hand as he saw Clark and Alfred begin to rise. “No, please, enjoy your dinner, gentlemen.  And, Alfred, your meal was superb.” 


Alfred inclined his head. “Thank you, Major Trevor.”


“Well, I’m just from humble middle-class origins, so Mom was our chief cook with help from the rest of us, though I see how you have help here.” Steve smiled at Clark.


“Excellent help.”


Clark blushed at all the attention.


Hal clapped a hand on Steve’s shoulder. “Same background here, unlike the Billionaire Trio in the library.”


Chuckles went around the kitchen.  Hal winked as he led Steve out of the kitchen.


& & & & & &


Everyone decided to turn in early because of the hour of their meeting the next day.


In Steve’s room, he relaxed, taking off his uniform jacket.  It had seemed like the proper thing to do at the formal evening meal, but he would be happy to dress more casually at some point.


He sat on the bed and rubbed his face.  He probably should go over the agenda for tomorrow’s meeting.  He pulled out a folder from his briefcase and grumbled as a book fell out.  He picked it up, intending to put it back, but stared at the familiar cover.


“Hey, Stevie, I forgot my dental floss.  Do you have a spare before I have to bother Alfred?” Hal stopped as he saw the book. “Aw, Stevie, you still obsessing over that story?”


“I just found it…interesting.” Steve placed the book on the bed.  History Of The Amazons was lettered boldly on the cover, a blond Amazon in full battle dress wielding sword and shield.


“They’ve been conquered since 1863.” Hal tapped the cover. “That’s definitely an anachronism.”


“It doesn’t seem right somehow.”


Hal shrugged. “They already wore what they called the Bracelets of Submission.  The Government just figured to make it official.”


Steve rubbed his eyes. “I know.” He looked up, blue eyes tired.


Hal sighed, green eyes affectionate. “Maybe we can catch the exhibit at the Gotham Art Museum.  It’s running through Thursday.”


Steve’s eyes lit up. “The Amazon exhibit?”


Hal laughed. “Yes.  How about we stay in town after the meeting?  We can visit the Museum and take all the time you want.”


“Sounds like a plan to me.”


Hal smiled, running his fingers through shining blond hair. “Any other plans, my friend?”


Steve laughed, capturing the hand. “What do you think the Lord of the Manor would think of his guests sharing a bed?”


“With what he’s got in his bed?  I doubt he’d think anything at all.”


Steve grinned as they tumbled to the sheets.


& & & & & &


Clark unbuttoned his shirt, looking up as Bruce entered the room.  He took hold of Clark’s shoulders, drawing him into a kiss.


“Mmm, what’s this about?”


Bruce’s eyes sparkled. “A thank you for your exemplary service tonight.”


Clark blushed. “My pleasure is to serve you, Master.”


Bruce laughed as he nuzzled Clark’s neck. “One more service to perform.” He stepped back, waiting as Clark finished undressing, then directed him to stretch out on his back in bed.


“So proud,” Bruce purred, taking out long, glittery lengths of chain and attaching the links to his slave’s bracelets, chaining Clark’s arms to the bedposts. “My Prize has given me so much.” Bruce’s finger ran down the side of Clark’s face to his lips, and Clark kissed it.  Bruce smiled, glad that Clark was signaling a willingness to play, not just obey.  He affixed ankle manacles, gently urging Clark to spread his legs as he chained those as well, testing to see if the bonds were too tight.


He leaned down and whispered, “Always open and ready for me, as you should be.” Bruce smiled at the little shiver he felt go through Clark as he rested his hand on his slave’s stomach. “Maybe I should have you service my guests as well, tell them line up outside this door and enjoy you, one-by-one.” At Clark’s wide-eyed look he winked, Clark relaxing as he realized that Bruce was in playful mode and didn’t mean what he was saying.


“I’m here to serve, Master,” Clark whispered back, a little illicit thrill skittering through him at Bruce’s words.


“Ah, my beautiful Prize.” Bruce ran his fingers through silky dark hair, his own midnight-blue eyes glittering. “One…” he nipped an ear “…by…” kissed the throat “…one.” Bruce’s hand gently stroked up and down Clark’s stomach, teasingly close to the groin.


Clark shuddered, a groan escaping him as his hips moved. 


“Mmm, my eager Prize.” Bruce’s tone was amused. “To have you here, ready and waiting…what more could a Master ask for?”


Bruce slipped the dark glasses onto Clark.  He gently laid a kiss on his slave’s lips, then glided out of the room, leaving the door ajar in case Clark needed something.  The glasses were to keep him partially Veiled in case a guest walked by and looked into the room.


& & & & & &


Clark closed his eyes as he listened to the sounds of the house: creaking branches tapping against the window, running water in the bathroom next door, muffled footsteps further down the hall.  He allowed his breathing to relax as he moved his limbs in the small area of space that Bruce had left him.  He was grateful that his Master had left him some wiggle room.  If his limbs had been pulled taut he would have suffered considerable discomfort.  Eventually he would drift off to sleep and get the rest he needed in order to serve his Master better.  He let his thoughts drift.


He was hopelessly in love with his Master.  While it gave him happiness, he wished that Bruce felt the same.


But even if he did, it wouldn’t be easy.


From what he had read, Masters weren’t supposed to fall in love with their slaves, and if they did and people found out about it, it would cause no end of trouble for Bruce.


Clark sighed as he tried to get some sleep.


& & & & & &


He had never loved his city more.


Batman surveyed the partying crowds down below from his perch atop the Braddock Building.  His cape whipped out to the side, his silhouette black against the nearly-full moon.


Gotham was made for Halloween: old stone, leering gargoyles, sorrowful angels.  Buildings like the one he stood upon dated from Victorian times, the Gothic look of the city the perfect backdrop for costumed revelers, bright and glittering with feathers, sequins, beads and capes.


He took a deep breath, inhaling the pungent scents of Hungarian stew, fried dough, and bubbling applesauce in kiosks that dotted the sidewalks.  A strong scent of chocolate wafted up, his face curving into a smile.  Clark liked dark chocolate.  He’d noticed that whenever given a choice, he always chose dark over milk.


Never hurts to indulge my pretty pleasure slave, who gives me so much pleasure.


He would be out and about one of these nights this week.  He would make sure to pick up some chocolate.


He thought of the delicious sweetness he had waiting for him at home. 


Open and ready.


A shiver of delight went through him.  His smile turned predatory as he saw a pickpocket take off.


Just what I need to keep in practice.


He took off, enjoying the thrill of the chase.


& & & & & &


Bruce removed his cowl, the bats skittering far up in the Cave.  He had cut his patrol short.  Nothing but petty crime, and the police could handle that.  He had a Prize to claim upstairs.


He showered, allowed himself time to dry off while checking the computer, and dressed in his clothes of a few hours earlier.  He went up the stone steps, nudging the grandfather clock open after listening to make sure no one was in the library.  It was unlikely but his guests were men who kept unusual hours.


It was all clear.  Bruce slipped out of the tunnel and library and went up the stairs.


He nudged open the door to his bedroom all the way.




He walked in, as stealthy as the Bat.


…and ready.


Silver moonlight caressed his slave’s body, reminding Bruce of the first night, Clark waiting for him in the proper position, kneeling and open…


Bruce couldn’t tell if Clark was awake because of the dark glasses.  The even rise and fall of his chest indicated sleep.


I’ll just kiss Sleeping Beauty awake, he thought in amusement.


He approached the bed, eager to fully enjoy his Prize’s delights.


He slipped the glasses off, laying them on the nightstand.  Asleep.  The kiss, then.


He leaned down and kissed Clark, delighted when his slave moaned in response.  Beautiful blue eyes fluttered opened, then closed again as Bruce’s tongue slipped inside his mouth.


When Bruce broke away, his smile was slightly predatory.  Clark tried to catch his breath.


“M…Master.” Excitement sparkled in his eyes.  He lowered his lashes. “I am here to serve.”


“Oh, yes.” Bruce kissed his brow. “Yes, my Starchild.  Serve you shall.” He started to strip, Clark watching him from under those jet-black lashes.  He was pleased at the admiration in his slave’s eyes.


Bruce climbed on the bed, kneeling between Clark’s spread legs, pulling his head back and tasting smooth flesh, careful not to knock his teeth on the cold metal of the collar.  Fiercely he touched and tasted, one hand sliding down to caress silky inner thighs, then luscious curved buttocks, teasing at his opening, claiming another deep kiss.


“You look so lovely, Starchild,” Bruce murmured, preparing his fingers and cock with the cool lotion from the nightstand.


“I live to serve you.”


“Oh, that’s good.” Bruce began to enter yielding flesh. “I demand…” he slipped all the way in, Clark groaning “…the utmost …” Clark’s head tilted back, eyes closed in pleasure “...from those…” the next thrust tore a scream from Clark “…I deem to be high quality.”


Bruce’s thrusting was long and hard, Clark gasping as waves of pleasure rolled over him.  The chains rattled with each thrust, his hips arching up for deeper penetration.


“Master…” he groaned, wanting so much to give pleasure and nearly crying over the joy of the pleasure he was receiving.


Bruce let out a little cry of his own as he climaxed, fingers digging into his slave’s thighs. “Beautiful,” he whispered, easing out of Clark and curling around him, resting his head on Clark’s broad chest.


Clark panted, trying to catch his breath, Bruce purring and rubbing his cheek over Clark’s chest. “You make a lovely pillow.”


“Always ready to serve.”


Bruce laughed, kissing Clark’s chest.


“Did I please you, Master?”


“Oh, yes, you pleased me.” Bruce licked the salty-sweaty skin, shivering. “And you will continue…” his tongue slid around a nipple, smiling at Clark’s gasp “…to please me all night long.” He looked up and saw sparkling eyes.


Bruce sat up and got onto his knees, unchaining Clark’s wrists, re-chaining them behind his back.  He unchained his ankles, attaching one length to his slave’s collar.  He tugged gently on the collar chain, bringing Clark up to his knees.


Bruce read the eagerness and desire to please in Clark’s eyes.  For a fleeting moment, he wondered if Clark would be the same as a freeman as he was as a slave in bed.


Would he be as eager to please if I didn’t hold the chain in my hand?  


It was a lovely thought, Clark wanting to please even without the collar and chain, but Bruce decided it was a moot point.  Clark was his slave and always would be, and as long as Clark enjoyed these times in bed together as much as he did, it was all he could hope for.


Expect his obedience, but be gentle with him.


A good Master should always treat his slave well, especially one who gave such exquisite pleasure.


“Taste me,” Bruce whispered, and Clark instantly obeyed, kissing Bruce from his neck down his chest and to his groin, nipping and licking and hitting the sensitive spots he knew so well.  Bruce kept his fingers entwined in his slave’s hair, allowing Clark to choose his path but ultimately controlling the result.


Clark’s breath tickled over his cock, little shivers of pleasure running through him.  As the wet tongue licked his organ he kept his grip on Clark’s hair, his thighs trembling as he received his pleasure.


He urged Clark’s head closer, wanting more.  Clark looked up at him, star’s eyes through dark lashes, light shining sweet and pure, then the perfect mouth took in his cock, sucking slowly and skillfully.


Bruce shuddered, watching the dark head bob, his fingers carding through silk.  Wild sensations swept through him, hot wetness surrounding his cock as he received his pleasure.


Tasty and delicious. He shivered. Not to mention mind-blowing.


Clark couldn’t use his hands, but his mouth was talented enough.  Moonlight glinted off his bracelets and collar, silvering his nude body.


So perfect.


He felt himself come to the brink, one final thrust, and it was all over.  His seed spilled into Clark’s mouth, his fingers clutched in his slave’s hair.  Clark drank him all in, swallowing the essence of Bruce.


Bruce sighed softly as he slipped out of Clark’s mouth.  He reached for Clark’s cock, amused at his slave’s blush.


“So you came without me.” Fond amusement sparkled in Bruce’s midnight-blue eyes. “You flatter me.”


Clark licked his lips. “I am proud to serve, Master.” His sapphire-blue eyes mirrored Bruce’s as they danced with starlight.


Bruce laughed as he leaned down to kiss Clark.









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