bradygirl_12 (bradygirl_12) wrote,

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!! :)

A Happy St. Patrick's Day to all!

'Tis a fine mornin', a wee bit cold but no snow or rain fallin' on our heads, dontcha know? Quite a few houses in the neigborhood are decorated with flags and leprechauns and derbies, as 'tis mine. ;)

The pubs will be jammed tonight! O'Connor's biggest day 'n' evenin' 'tis now. I shall be joinin' friends there at the top o' the evenin' and tapin' ME TV's Green Hornet marathon to watch later, tee hee.

I have on me green shirt and necklace and more 'n' one St. Patrick's Day button. 'Tis a day to be joyful, my friends! Have a green beer for me! ;)
Tags: holiday, st. patrick's day
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