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Before I turn in, it looks as if I'll be typing with a pencil in my teeth for the next few days! :) My hand 'seized up' tonight while working on the next chapter of Rainbow's Freedom. Crap! I knew I was pushing it and now I'll have to go slow when I do any typing at all for the next few days.

I want to write an essay on The New Frontier, and start writing some fic from that work of art. I will be forever obsessed with this book, I can tell. :)

I'm very pleased with the reaction to my Steve/Diana fic, Terms Of Endearment and the latest Clex, Emerald Dust. Both were incredibly fun to write! :)

The NFL officially opens the season this Thursday, and a full slate of games on Sunday, including my Pats. So autumn is here even if the official date isn't, because football means fall! ;)

The typing doesn't look too bad using the pencil method, eh? ;)
Tags: emerald dust, new england patriots, rainbow's freedom, the new frontier, the princess and the pilot
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