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Smallville Fandom Creativity Awards (My Eligible Stories)

The Smallville Fandom Creativity Awards are soliciting people to send them their list of eligible works here. They're looking for works posted after August 2009, the last time they had awards. :)

My List Of Eligible Stories:

By-The-Sea IX/"We'll Always Have Paris" I: Topless (Chloe/Lana) (6/21/11)

Chloe and Lana enjoy a day at the beach far from Smallville.

The Pretty Man (Clark/Bruce) (10/8/09)

Pain can be lessened by a smile or gentle touch.

Country Meets Country Club (Clark/Bruce) (11/5/09)

Clark recuperates on Cape Cod and meets an interesting member of the Hyannisport Country Club.

The Phantom Sands Series:

Clark and Bruce are trapped in the Phantom Zone.

Phantom Sands I: Stinging (Clark/Bruce) (12/17/09)

Clark and Bruce must survive the harsh world of the Phantom Zone.

Phantom Sands II: Survival (Clark/Bruce) (2/12/10)

Clark and Bruce establish a daily routine, but the world of the Phantom Zone is still harsh and unforgiving.

"Kneel Before Kal-El!" (Clark/Bruce) (5/16/10)

Everything’s changed since the Kryptonian Conquest.

The Show Must Go On! (Clark/Bruce) (7/11/10)

The play's the thing! :)

Sparkling Wine, Sparkling Skin (Clark/Bruce) (4/17/11)

A night of drunken revelry brings a golden opportunity for slave Bruce.

The Shattered Soul Series

Lord Bruce brings home a badly-damaged slave and hopes to heal him in body and soul.

Shattered Soul I (Clark/Bruce) (4/19/11)

Bruce is compelled to help a shattered soul.

Shattered Soul II: Silent Screams (Clark/Bruce) (7/22/11)

Bruce, Dick and Alfred remember Clark's first days at the Manor.

The Monster Series

Bruce is offered the chance to become part of a Top Secret Government project: Kal-El of Krypton.

Monster I: Punishment (Clark/Bruce) (7/3/11)

Bruce takes on an unusual Government ‘Project’.

Spiced Pumpkin And Whipped Cream (Clark/Lex) (10/10/09)

Clark loves the coziness of autumn, especially when it comes complete with Lex. Oh, and there’s some Halloween magic thrown in here, too. ;)

Light's Promise (1/16/10)

Lex makes a decision.

"Wherefore Art Thou, Romeo?" (Clark/Lex) (1/3/11)

Lex gets an unusual visitor to the penthouse. Or maybe just his method of visiting is unusual.

The Three Men And A Baby Bird Series

Can three strong personalities like Clark, Lex, and Bruce make it work?

Three Men And A Baby Bird I: An Invitation (Bruce/Lex, Clark/Lex, Clark/Bruce, Clark/Bruce/Lex) (1/4/11)

Lex regrets past choices as he accepts an invitation to the Kent Farm.

By-The-Sea XI/Three Men And A Baby Bird II: American Family Values (Clark/Bruce/Lex) (7/1/11)

An unconventional family enjoys a day at the beach.

Crowning Glory (Clark/Lex) (5/13/11)

A special banquet makes Lex nervous.

"Somebody Save Me!" (Clark/Lex) (5/19/11)

Zod’s cruelty brings out certain truths.

Lemon 'N' Orange (Clark/Lex) (5/23/11)

An engagement party promises a new future for Clark and Lex.

Tastes Like Sunshine (Clark/Lex, Jonathan/Martha) (6/14/11)

The Kents invite Lex to take part in a family celebration.

The Stolen Heart (Clark/Lex, Jonathan/Martha) (6/21/11)

When the kingdom falls into starvation and despair, Prince Alexander seeks a solution.

Bleeding Kansas (Clark/Lex, Chloe/Lana, Jonathan/Martha) (SMALLVILLE BIG BANG) (10/28/11)

A Secret from Smallville’s past haunts Clark and Lex.

Chapters 1-10

Chapters 11-17

Chapters 8-27

The Cottage In The Woods (Clark/Lex, Bruce/Lex, Clark/Bruce, Clark/Bruce/Lex) (11/25/11)

When Prince Lex falls in love with a beautiful farmboy, trouble ensues.

Chapter One: Love's Price

Chapter Two: Haven

Chapter Three: Magic, Wild

Garden Of Eden (Clark/Lex) (1/3/12)

In a cold world, can Lex find warmth?

The Christmas Party (Clark/Lex) (1/16/12)

Lex has a Christmas emergency! Clark comes to the rescue. ;)

Watercolors (Clark/Lex) (2/11 & 28/12)

Love is like watercolors. ;)

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