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Oscar Goodness & A Request

Hi, luvs! Did you enjoy the Oscars last night? I was pleased to hear that my favorite movie of the bunch did so well, and tickled pink to hear that the winner of the Best Supporting Actress award said that she was thrilled that the Academy placed her with the hottest guy in the room. At first people thought that she meant the presenter of the award, Christian Bale, but it turned out to be the little gold statuette in her hand. Though I kinda lean toward the former myself. ;)

I unfortunately only heard about these goings-on and couldn't view the telecast. My request is: did anyone record the Academy Awards and could you send me a copy? Any red carpet stuff included would be cool. As long as I'm asking, anyone got a copy of last year's Awards when my boy Christian won for Best Supporting Actor? If you can help a distressed fan out, comment here or PM me. I can't offer financial renumeration but can offer a minimum 500-word ficlet if you like. Thanks! :)
Tags: christian and the gold statuette, christian bale, help, the beauty that is christian bale
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