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Notes On Rainbow's Freedom

So now the final chapter of Arc 8 has been posted. A word about Clark’s decision: I know that some readers wanted him to take up his old identity again and to be honest, I thought about that and even tried writing it, but Clark was stubborn. He wanted to remain with Bruce, and his reasons were sound: he needs a lot of training, and he’s still uncertain about his abilities. His first superhero foray ended in total disaster (trying to free his fellow Kryptonians and being captured and then sold into slavery) so he’s a little shaky. He doesn’t want to add the stress of re-establishing his life as Clark Kent into the mix, at least not yet.

He also didn’t want to return to the Manor as Clark Kent, a free man, and become Bruce’s lover while Dick and Alfred had no choice but to remain slaves. Technically, Bruce can’t free him, anyway, since a non-Human slave can only be freed by petitioning his homeworld’s authorities for permission. No Krypton, no authorities. Sort of a Catch-22.

Anyway, Arc 9 will further explore the changing relationship between Clark and Bruce within the old parameters (and how those parameters may change), and there will be conflict and compromise, and Dick is growing up. Could there be conflict there as well?

Will Kara discover where her cousin is on Earth? Will the Rebellion welcome his services? Will Clark want to be part of it?

Lex and Jamie know about Clark and Dick’s secrets now. With Lionel always lurking around, how can they keep their secrets?

What of the Caldwells?

And who is that mysterious new hero in Gotham, unseen and staying in the shadows? ;)

Stay tuned! Same Bat-time, same Bat-channel! ;)

Tags: clark kent/bruce wayne, justice arc, rainbow prisms arc, rainbow's freedom, superman/batman
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